Morning Routines

There was a recent discussion about morning routines, so I decided to share mine here:

  • Wake up. I have a different schedule every day, so wake up time is usually somewhere between 7 am and 9 am.
  • Switch alarm clock off and stay in bed for a minute or two, making sure I won’t forget what I was dreaming about.
  • Get up and switch laptop on.
  • Make coffee (one sugar, lots of milk).
  • Write down the dream I had (if I can remember it).
  • Drink coffee while checking for new e-mails and then facebook and different blogs, forums and other pages for news, mainly stuff related to magic or politics, as well as anything else that seems interesting or important.
  • Shower.
  • Morning practice: 9 Cleansing Breaths, Pillar and Spheres, some stretching combined with moving energy in different channels. Some kind of Inner Heat practice (usually Fire Breathing). Invoke the elements and what I want to bring into my world, setting my intentions for the day. Offerings (usually glass of water and some incense), done inside, mainly to spirits that mostly come out in the morning.
  • Get dressed and head out while listing a minimum of 5 things I’m grateful for.

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Dream Visit To Torchwood

After a week of waking up unable to remember my dreams, I woke up today fully remembering what I did last night. I don’t know why or how, but I took my TARDIS and appeared inside the Torchwood Headquarters in Cardiff. I expected a warm welcome or at least a surprised but friendly welcome, accompanied by a cup of coffee. Instead, everyone kept saying this shouldn’t have been possible, how time travel will unbalance the rift and that they need to figure out a way to send me back to my time before all Hell breaks loose. I kept saying “Guys? I didn’t come through the rift. I came in my TARDIS. There’s no imbalance. I’m a time traveler, I know what I’m doing. Just ask Jack, he’ll understand”. But Jack wasn’t there, so everyone was panicking and no one was listening to me. So a whole day (in dream time) that could be spent doing a whole load of interesting and probably dangerous things was actually spent around people losing it and constantly telling me “Don’t touch that!” (what? they had cool stuff lying around everywhere!).

Not what I had planned for the night, but I it was interesting nonetheless.

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How To Use Cloves To Remove The Evil Eye

“Malocchio”, “Mal Oje”, “Ayin-hore”, “Mati”, “The Evil Eye”. Different languages have different terms to express the same thing: the belief that the eyes can be used to curse another person or affect their life negatively. The belief in the evil eye exists in cultures all over the world and can be found as far back in human history as ancient Sumeria. It is usually the result of envy, of jealously so strong that its energy consumes the person and is projected outwardly through the eyes, affecting the victim. The results vary, especially considering that the evil eye often affects one thing specifically (what the person who gives the evil eye is envious of) instead of having a general effect: from headaches and vomiting to stomach aches and more serious health symptoms, bad luck, fighting with your significant other, damage of property etc. It is usually not done deliberately, but if given by a person who has the natural ability to easily give the evil eye and if this person is particularly envious, the effects can rival a deliberate curse placed upon someone.
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10 Ideas To Free Your Mind When You’re Feeling Stuck

If you are like most people, there have been times in your life when you felt totally stuck. People often talk about “magical” solutions to problems, but the truth is that -while magic can be immensely helpful in many situations- not all problems can be fixed by simply throwing magic at them. What makes it even worse is that sometimes, when we’re really stuck, not even messages from spirits that could potentially be helpful seem to get through. Here’s this huge, impenetrable block in front of us and we have no idea how to break through or why it’s even there.Continue Reading