Akashic Postal Boxes

It’s been a while since I’ve had a dream worth posting about. Until yesterday, that is.

I dreamt that I was in my home town and wanted to go to the post office to pay for a postal box. There was this man I kept encountering all the time. He supposedly was the sheriff, and was wearing a brown uniform with a golden star, complete with a brown hat. For unknown reasons, this man really disliked me. I shared my thoughts about him with a few people, but they were all insisting that it wasn’t anything personal, that he generally behaved as if he had a stick up his butt no matter who he was talking to, and that despite this he was good at his job and was keeping the town safe from all kinds of threats. I wasn’t really convinced it wasn’t personal with me though. The guy really made a point of showing up wherever I was and asking all kinds of questions, to the point that I was beginning to feel that I was a suspect in some kind of investigation I didn’t even know about and that he was watching me, waiting for me to lead him somewhere (other criminals? stolen goods? I had no idea what he might have been looking for).Continue Reading