A Friendly Call From The Neighbors?

It seems that SETI Is Investigating A Possible Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space (and Gordon White already wrote about it). Which would normally find its way among other interesting things from around the web in my next weekly dose of magic post, if it wasn’t for the fact that it reminded me of my work with “The Inner Guide Meditation”  that I did last year. Continue Reading

Ants, Aliens And Faces In The Sky: Are We The Most Evolved Species?

I had an interesting dream a few nights ago. I dreamt that there was a species much more evolved than humans on Earth. I don’t know if they were aliens from another planet who found their way here or if they were natives, but they had a much move evolved (albeit extremely different civilization) than us.Continue Reading

The Quest: Re-Enchant Your Life

I hate ironing clothes and I hate washing dishes.

What an uninspiring way to start a post, right? Is it though? When I was 4, I actually LOVED ironing and I loved doing the dishes. I wasn’t allowed to do either (especially ironing) of course because I was 4. That didn’t stop me however from trying. I’d beg my mom to let me iron just one towel, or wash daddy’s coffee cup. After lunch, I’d drag a chair from the dining table to the sink, climb on it and start washing (and making a big mess that my mom had to clean, but that’s a whole different story).Continue Reading

Spirit Guide Consultation, Zeus and A Soul Retrieval

Khi Armand recently closed his practice, Conjure in the City. One of the things he used to offer was a Spirit Guide Consultation, and I’m really glad I was finally able to book a session with him right before he closed his practice. These consultations reveal about 4-5 spirits of a person’s spiritual court (spirits who walk with the person in this life) and provide ways to more thoroughly engage them. The spirits that appear are not tied to a specific tradition and are usually a mix of ancestral spirits, animals, plant spirits etc.Continue Reading

Weekly Dose of Magic: August 8-14

I have a confession to make: I hate Sundays. I don’t know if it’s the laziness and quiet that makes me feel that way or if I just love what I do during the week so much, but Sundays feel depressing and empty to me. Like everything was forcefully paused and I can’t wait until there’s movement again.

I recently started making a weekly list of things that bring me joy. Not necessarily big things. It’s mostly little things that cheer me up when I feel tired and miserable, small things I look forward to, like a cup of good coffee, a book that is due to arrive tomorrow, or watching the latest episode of one of my favorite TV shows. I keep this list on my phone, ready to be used whenever I catch myself feeling sad or too stressed out about something.

Continue Reading

Jupiter Global Rite: A blessing for You

Being a student in Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course, I get to participate in the global rites. The latest rite was to be performed between August 1st – 3rd and it was a Jupiter rite. Jupiter is associated with finances, money, prosperity, well-being and sovereignty. Since sharing the blessings is an important part of my work with Jupiter, I asked that he extends his grace towards everyone who reads this post (regardless of when that happens; so if you are reading this and it’s been years since it was originally posted, it’s still active). This is not the same as participating in the global rite of course, and I cannot say what kind of blessing each person is going to receive. It might be financial or it might not. It might be small or it might be big. Continue Reading