Let It Burn

2016 has been a difficult year for many of us and in many ways. The main pattern I have observed (both in my own life and in the lives of other people) is the removal of things that needed to go – whether you wanted to let go of them or not. Most of the things that were stripped away from my life were things that I knew needed to go, even though letting go of some of them was still difficult. Others weren’t so lucky, and spent a year experiencing shocking loss after shocking loss, not knowing if it’s a streak of impossibly bad luck or if it’s for the best. Continue Reading

Christmas Drinkable Potion: Magical Glühwein

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s the time of the year when I get to make one of my favorite alcoholic beverages: Glühwein!

Glühwein (literally “glow wine” ) is mulled wine traditionally served in Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria. It is named like that because when you drink it, it gives you a nice “glow” (that’s one theory at least). Since it contains a number of ingredients commonly used in magic, it makes an excellent drinkable potion to bring luck, love and money to you and your loved ones, essentially giving everyone a magical “glow” too. Continue Reading

Where Has Scarlet Been?

Apologies for the long absence everyone; I was too busy studying for an exam and then I got the flu (the kind of flu you get right when you can finally allow yourself to relax a little bit). Then I got a minor hand injury so typing wasn’t a very pleasant experience for a few weeks. Now I’m fine though *says with a tissue in hand, because she has a cold again*

Don’t hit unsubscribe just yet though; I’m still here 🙂Continue Reading