Blog Hop: Shake Yourself Loose With Planetary Magic

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I have a special post for you today: I’m taking part in the Strategic Sorcery group’s first Blog Hop! This month’s topic is Planetary Magic. If you click on the links above that say “Previous” and “Next” you will be taken to the blogs of other people that participate in the Blog Hop where you can read what they have to say about Planetary Magic.

In a previous post I talked about the different masks we wear and how we can take advantage of these masks and even create new ones to suit our purposes, instead of letting the existing ones define us and limit us. For most people though, this is easier said than done. The most limiting thoughts, behaviors and attitudes tend to be the ones we’re most blind to. There have been situations in my life I spent years trying to change, trying everything I could think of to no avail, only to realize (or have a spirit point out to me) one simple attitude/behavior that was what was keeping me stuck. Most of the times when this happens, it’s something so obvious that I cannot believe I couldn’t see it for so long. Everybody else would probably be able to see it right away if I had asked for someone else’s help, but for me it was so ingrained an attitude that I just couldn’t see it at all. It wasn’t even taken into consideration, it was a default system setting I wouldn’t even have thought to examine.Continue Reading

Apfeltraum And The Shadows of Memories

Have you ever heard a song or looked at a painting and had this strange feeling come up, as if the work of art came directly out of one of your memories, yet when you try to access the memory you come up with nothing? As if the painting is a portal to a different place, a place you know well, even though you have no clear memory of it but rather the memory of a memory. As if you were there in this place or this event this work of art is all about, maybe in a past life. And you only half drank from the waters of Lethe, enough to erase the actual memory of the event, but not enough that you’d forget there used to be a memory there, resulting in the shadow of a memory still lingering somewhere inside you, dormant until you first hear this song or see this painting that triggers the shadow of a memory. The kind of memory you desperately try to access. You reach out, trying to grab the strings of information and follow them to the source, but it’s like there’s a brick wall between you and the event and you just can’t remember. It feels a lot like when you keep a dream diary and you wake up in the middle of the night from this glorious dream, but you are exhausted so you only write down key words from the dream that will trigger the full memory of it when you properly wake up in the morning. Only you can’t. Maybe you picked the wrong words and they aren’t enough to trigger the memory of the dream, maybe something else is the problem, but you keep looking at the words trying to remember and nothing comes to you. All you know is that you had this really cool and super-important dream that is now totally lost*.Continue Reading

Dreaming of planets, photo shoots and dead celebrities

Last night I dreamt that I traveled in my T.A.R.D.I.S to one of the realms of the dead to pick up a long-deceased actress and bring her home in the early 90’s with me (apparently my T.A.R.D.I.S can travel between realms too instead of just through time, and -in case anyone is curious- that particular realm of the dead was a pretty shiny and happy place).  The actress was wearing a royal blue dress and golden earrings and she was the one who had invited me to pick her up because -for unknown reasons- she had decided to move in with me for a while.Continue Reading

The Abduction of Raphael

Since the beginning of December, I’ve had a series of dreams with a particular pattern: I will lose someone, either physically or metaphorically. The weird thing is that -unlike previous times when something like that would come up in a dream- I seem to remain calm and feel it’s in my power to fix the situation, no matter how serious it is. Some of these dreams were very mundane and not really adventurous or interesting (well, unless you are actually me of course!) but there is one that I found particularly interesting. I haven’t been able to come up with any interpretation for it or explain the symbols in it, but here it is:

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Chrysanthemums And Death

For the past few months, I’ve been using a meditation method called “The Inner Guide Meditation” by Edwin. C. Steinbrecher that I first read about in this post by Balthazar. It is a system of meditation/active imagining where you meet an Inner Guide and then -with your Guide’s help- you meet the archetypes from the Tarot in order to balance their energies in your sphere and cause inner and outer changes. There is a lot more to it than that (like working with pairs and groups of planets with difficult aspects in your natal chart for example) and if you are interested I recommend buying the book and find out more.

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The Love Me Or Die

I keep hearing this song everywhere lately. Mostly in places I wouldn’t have expected it to pop up. When this happens, it usually means there’s some kind of message I need to hear, but in this case I have no idea what the message might be (considering I’d never use the famous “love me or die” spell that puts a curse on a person that slowly makes them more and more sick unless they love you, otherwise they die).

Message or not though, enjoy: