Where Has Scarlet Been?

Apologies for the long absence everyone; I was too busy studying for an exam and then I got the flu (the kind of flu you get right when you can finally allow yourself to relax a little bit). Then I got a minor hand injury so typing wasn’t a very pleasant experience for a few weeks. Now I’m fine though *says with a tissue in hand, because she has a cold again*

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Weekly Dose of Magic: August 8-14

I have a confession to make: I hate Sundays. I don’t know if it’s the laziness and quiet that makes me feel that way or if I just love what I do during the week so much, but Sundays feel depressing and empty to me. Like everything was forcefully paused and I can’t wait until there’s movement again.

I recently started making a weekly list of things that bring me joy. Not necessarily big things. It’s mostly little things that cheer me up when I feel tired and miserable, small things I look forward to, like a cup of good coffee, a book that is due to arrive tomorrow, or watching the latest episode of one of my favorite TV shows. I keep this list on my phone, ready to be used whenever I catch myself feeling sad or too stressed out about something.

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