Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop: Spirits And Magic Of Place

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There is a new blog hop organized this month by members of the Strategic Sorcery community. Clicking the links above will take you to the previous or next post of this blog hop. You can see the list of all blogs that participate by clicking the master list link above.

This month’s blog hop is on spirits and magic of place. But what is magic of place?Continue Reading

Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop: Magickal Links

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Note: This is part I of the series about magickal links. Click here if you want to go to Part II

The topic of this month’s Blog Hop is one I consider very important for the success of most spells and workings: ritual links. Many people spend a lot of time looking for the right spell that will accomplish what they want. They buy the best, most expensive materials or spend a lot of time and effort to make their own materials, carefully taking into consideration things like moon phases, planetary positions etc. Yet they fail to do the most important thing for the success of their working: actually link their magic to the target!Continue Reading

Blog Hop: Shake Yourself Loose With Planetary Magic

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I have a special post for you today: I’m taking part in the Strategic Sorcery group’s first Blog Hop! This month’s topic is Planetary Magic. If you click on the links above that say “Previous” and “Next” you will be taken to the blogs of other people that participate in the Blog Hop where you can read what they have to say about Planetary Magic.

In a previous post I talked about the different masks we wear and how we can take advantage of these masks and even create new ones to suit our purposes, instead of letting the existing ones define us and limit us. For most people though, this is easier said than done. The most limiting thoughts, behaviors and attitudes tend to be the ones we’re most blind to. There have been situations in my life I spent years trying to change, trying everything I could think of to no avail, only to realize (or have a spirit point out to me) one simple attitude/behavior that was what was keeping me stuck. Most of the times when this happens, it’s something so obvious that I cannot believe I couldn’t see it for so long. Everybody else would probably be able to see it right away if I had asked for someone else’s help, but for me it was so ingrained an attitude that I just couldn’t see it at all. It wasn’t even taken into consideration, it was a default system setting I wouldn’t even have thought to examine.Continue Reading