5 Ways To Overcome Your Blocks To Success

5 ways to overcome your blocks to success

Sometimes we know what the obstacles -inner or outer- are that we have to overcome to reach our goals.

But what happens when we know that something’s in the way, but we no matter how hard we try, we can’t pinpoint what exactly they are and what to do about them?

We all struggle with inner blocks, and the worst part is that we often end up believing that they will never be able to bust through them.

Many blocks feel so solid and deep-rooted that it’s easy to believe that they are never going to go away and resign to a life that’s less that what you’re dreaming of.

However, this is not true at all. No matter how solid a block feels to you or how long you’ve been dealing with it, you CAN overcome it!

Speaking from personal experience, I’d had blocks I was dealing with for years that just disappeared literally overnight when the right method was used to clear them.

So if you are feeling blocked in any area of your life don’t give up yet, because busting through your blocks and achieving the success you dream of may be closer than you think!


First things first: how do you know if you have a block?

Well that’s the easy part actually:

Are you making less money than you would like?

Do you always find yourself in less than satisfying relationships?

Do you keep dreaming of creating something (composing a song, writing a novel etc) but months or years have passed and you still haven’t gotten to it at all?

Is there any area of your life where you keep trying and trying to move forward but nothing ever seems to change for the better?

All those are indications that you have some kind of block.

Now despite what the name implies, blocks aren’t actually sturdy solid things (though they may certainly feel that way when we’re struggling against them!).

So before we get to the five ways you can overcome your blocks to success, keep in mind that one way or another, you can overcome them. You are in control!


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This will probably sound like a weird way to get rid of blocks, but it’s really really effective.

See, a block is basically something that doesn’t allow all your energy and power to be properly aimed towards a particular thing.

A block is basically inner clutter.

So what would be a more practical and solid way to get rid of inner clatter than actually getting rid of actual, physical clutter?

Now don’t panic, you don’t need to spring-clean your whole house in a day or anything like that!

First, think about the space in your house or office that relates to the area of your life you feel blocked in.

For example, if you feel you are dealing with money blocks, clean and your office or your office desk.

What’s the place in your house where you usually deal with money stuff? Where do you keep your bills? Is it your kitchen counter? A table in the living room? Is it a specific drawer you keep bills and other money-related stuff in? Or maybe you do everything electronically so everything is managed from your computer.

Whichever it is, start there.

Declutter that drawer. Throw away stuff you don’t need. Give away or sell the stuff you don’t need but someone else could want.

Clean up your wallet. Throw away empty gum wrappers, old receipts etc. You can break that decluttering into several days and do one tiny part every day (so you can declutter your wallet today, the kitchen counter tomorrow etc).

As you declutter, keep reminding yourself that it’s not only physical clutter you’re taking care of here. Your physical decluttering is at the same time decluttering the are of your life where you’ve been feeling blocked.


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This is a method I first heard of many years ago. I don’t even remember where I heard about it, but it’s proven really effective for me.

From what I remember, this is a common feng shui ritual (as I have only minimal knowledge and understanding of feng shui, don’t ask me if it’s authentic or if the way I’m describing it is how it’s supposed to be done; I’m only presenting you what has worked for me).

So here’s what you need to do:

You literally move 27 items in your place of residence that haven’t been moved in over a year.

It doesn’t matter what those items are.

Also when I say “move” I don’t mean you have to put your couch up against a different wall or something like that (though you can if you want).

Even half an inch or less than that counts as moving the item. You can move your microwave half an inch to the left, straighten the pictures on the wall etc.

From what I was told, this helps break up stagnant chi and also shows you’re ready for change.

It also can be combined really well with decluttering, as well as a ritual house cleansing (method 6).


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Uncrossing baths come from African religions and the hoodoo tradition.

Often, when we keep struggling in a specific area of life and we can’t seem to get ahead no matter what, we are dealing with crossed conditions.

Don’t worry though, because there’s an easy way to remove crossed conditions and it involves taking a bath (or a few of them)!

Don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry!

I’ve written extensively about how to create your own effective uncrossing bath. It’s easy and fun to do, and it can create amazing shifts in your life!


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Another very handly magical method to bust through blocks is what is known as “road opening”.

Road opening refers to a specific kind of spells or rituals that are performed in order to remove blocks and open the way for something.

You can find many road opening products online and in botanicas (oils, bath crystals, incense, powder etc) and you can even buy a road opening kit with all the products you will need and instructions on how to perform a road opening ritual.

Personally though I do most of my road opening work with spirits. My top two go-to spirits for road opening are Hecate and Ganesh.

Since Ganesh is the most approachable of the two if you haven’t worked with any of them before, I’m going to show you a very basic way you can start working with Ganesh for road opening.

First things first though: who is Ganesh? 

Glad you asked!

Ganesh is a deity from the Hindu pantheon. He is easy to recognize because he is an elephant-headed god. Although he has many attributes, he is most widely known as the remover of obstacles.

First, get an image or statue of Ganesh (you can easily find either of those online. Ganesh is very popular around the world, and for good reason!).

Once you have the image or statue, talk to Ganesh and tell him what your problem is and what you need help with (eg. “Please remove that blocks around finding a great job that I love and that pays at least (x amount) and open the way for me to find it and get it by the end of the month”).

After that, give him an offering.

Most road opening products formulas have a lemony scent because lemons, lemongrass etc are good cleansers. So an offering of a lemon or lemongrass would be appropriate. hibiscus flowers are also traditional offerings for Ganesh.

In addition to that, I’ve found he likes all things sweet and fruity (especially oranges and tropical fruits).

I’ve also offered him lemon candies, gummy bears, oreo cookies etc, so no matter where you live you can probably find something to offer him at your local grocery store. You can also offer him candles, incense etc.

The offering can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, but a general rule of thumb is that the bigger the thing you need is, the more offerings you give.

So if you are dealing with this huge obstacle that greatly affects your life and you haven’t seen any progress no matter what you’ve tried and it’s been years, better go with a whole plate of goodies instead of offering a single gummy bear (who even offers a single gummy bear to anyone anyway? lol)

Now after you give the offering, what you need to do is chant Ganesh’s mantra.

There are many different mantras associated with Ganesh and each does something different, but the one you need in this case is “om gam ganapataye namaha”.

Traditionally, one doesn’t chant a mantra once but a full mala round, which is 108 times per session.

Also -while 108 can often do a lot- when you have a specific goal you are aiming for 10 to 100 mala rounds. Now this may sound like way too much work, but 10 mala rounds takes under an hour to do.

You also don’t have to do 10 or 100 mala rounds in one sitting! You can do one mala round per day if you want (only takes like 5 minutes to do). Just follow the process described above every day, be specific about what you need help with and give a fresh offering before you do your daily chanting.

Here’s one nice video I found on Youtube with the mantra:

(note: while it sounds great to chant in that speed, if you’re aiming for 10 mala rounds it will take forever like that, so after you get comfortable with pronouncing the mantra you may want to chant at your own faster speed instead.)


Finally, here’s a very important tip to break through your blocks:

Stop defining yourself by your past!

What you could or could not do in the past is not relevant. What happened to you in 3rd grade or what your college professor thought about you 5 years ago doesn’t matter. None of that matters!

The only thing that matters is the present.

Every day, every moment of your life, you can make a different choice. You can choose to have different thoughts about yourself. You can choose to believe that you are awesome and capable and whatever it is you want, you can totally make it happen!

So stop defining yourself and what you can and can’t do, be or have based on your past. Your past doesn’t define you. You define you, every day and every minute and every second. Only you. Your past doesn’t matter.

As Scarlet O’Hara said in “Gone with the Wind”, “after all…tomorrow is another day!”

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Written by Scarlet