5 “Witchy” Things That Aren’t As Magical As You Think

I don’t know about you, but when I first discovered magic was real, everything looked magical and exciting to me.

Sure, it helped that I was still a kid, so it was easy to see everything as magical back then.

But I’m sure the same thing happens to all the people who discover magick as adults too.

And like all things that are new and exciting, we want to find ways to incorporate them into our everyday lives.

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And that’s great actually, and there are really effective ways to incorporate magic into our daily lives.

In fact, I see yet another post on how to incorporate magic into our daily lives pop up at least once a week. And some of these posts have really great ideas!

There are some very popular ideas on how to incorporate magic into our daily lives and mundane activities though that really make me scratch my head and wonder WHY they are so popular, because there is zero logic behind them.

Others aren’t just illogical but they are also dangerous.

So I decided to go through a few of those really popular ideas and explain what my issue with them is, and provide some alternatives.


Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion as much as the next girl.

But for the love of baby Hecate, can someone explain to me why so many people seem to think that dressing like a witch can do sh*t about your magic?

Looking like a witch just means you look like a witch. It’s not a magical act. It does nothing to help your magic be more effective.

In fact, in many cases it may be a big reason why some of your spells aren’t working that well.

If you ask me, unless you’re still a teen or your in a profession where dressing like that would be considered normal or cool or helpful, dressing “witchy” is just a way to be seen as weird.

I’ve been practicing magic since before high school, yet if I was supposed to interview you for a job that has nothing to do with magic and you came in looking like you woke up and wore your costume from last Halloween then your chances of me hiring you would have plummeted before you’d even get a chance to say hello.

So next time you start wondering why your spell to get hired failed, consider the possibility that the issue wasn’t in the way the spell was executed, but in the fact that you showed up for your interview with the biggest pentagram you could find and a T-shirt proclaiming you’re a witch.


This is another tip I’ve read hundreds of times.

Unlike the previous tip, it isn’t dangerous in any way and it won’t kill your career opportunities or social life.

But I still find it problematic.


Well, for one, I mostly read about it as a “way to incorporate magic into daily life so you will never feel you’re falling behind in your practice”.

Wait, what?

When did magic become a competition?

There are things that can be a huge benefit if we practice them daily.

Meditation is one of those things.

Giving offerings to the spirits is another.

A gratitude practice can go a long way too.

Enchanting for stuff daily though is not one of those things.

In fact, if you actually need to enchant for stuff daily so that your life won’t fall apart then I’m pretty sure that there’s a pretty big issue there that you’re not addressing.

Furthermore, enchanting for vague AF things (whether daily or not) is also a pretty good way to waste your time and get nowhere.

What does “love” or “money” even mean? What kind of love? How much money? Do you want $1? Do you even want to receive money or would you be ok with having to pay money? And how does writing money on your coffee even work?

Here’s an alternative practice you can do with your morning coffee that has the potential to truly make you a much better witch over time:

Everything has a spirit, including coffee.

It is easy to communicate with some beings -like other humans and many animals for example- because we function in similar ways and therefore can more easily convey our messages and receive and understand their answers.

Plants and stones though are very different from us, and it’s not easy to talk to them and understand what they have to say to us.

It needs a lot of patience and a lot of practice, but it’s practice that will help you become better at magic because by taking the time to talk to the different stones and herbs you work with, you build a relationship with them.

They aren’t objects anymore. They become your friends and allies.

This will make the spells you cast with them much more potent, and in time, the plants and stones themselves can show you different ways you can work with them that you may never have considered before.

So why not start with your morning coffee? Why not develop a practice of talking to your coffee in the morning and thank it for everything it does for you? For waking you up and giving you the kick you need to start your day?

Many of us say that coffee is our best friend in the morning. Well now you can make this relationship run both ways and become a better magician too in the process.

And who knows, maybe you’ll have a dream or sudden inspiration to include coffee in your magic in a way you had never considered before!


That’s not so much a tip as it is something I see a lot on Instagram.

People will take a candle and load it with herbs and stones and glitter like it’s a contest of who can get more stuff to stick on a candle and still look nice.


Seriously, don’t!

You only need a small pinch of each herb for your candle magic to be effective.

Loading a candle so heavily not only is completely unnecessary but it’s also a serious fire hazard.

Many witches and magicians had their house go up in flames because of a candle, and all those herbs and glitter is often how the fire starts.

If you want to load a candle with all that stuff and in such quantities in order to take cool photos for Instagram then do so, but make sure not to burn that candle for your actual spell.


Yet another thing I don’t get.

I consider self care important, but when did self care become the same thing as magic?

Just because you can practice self care by taking a candle-lit bath doesn’t make it a ritual. Talking a walk in nature is awesome but it’s not magic by itself.

My suggestion for this is simple:

Separate self care from magic, because they aren’t the same thing.

If you want to take a nice bath with crystals and bath salts and rose petals, lit by candles, so that you can relax and feel better then by all means do so.

But if you are suffering from crossed conditions for example, self care won’t do much to shift that. You’ll still need a much less glamorous but actually effective for your issue uncrossing bath.


This is another one that I don’t get. At all.

I love Harry Potter (well, actually I don’t like the movies that much but I love the books). I love Practical Magic. I love Charmed.

But how is watching any of those magical practice?

It’s just watching witchy-themed movies. It’s fun, and it’s a great way to relax and I’m right there with you when it comes to loving the genre, but it won’t do shit for your magic. The only possible benefit it could -indirectly- have is maybe inspire an idea for a ritual. But that’s it.

Which ways do you use to incorporate magic into your daily life? Let me know in the comments!


Written by Scarlet