Ants, Aliens And Faces In The Sky: Are We The Most Evolved Species?

Ants, Aliens And Faces In The Sky

I had an interesting dream a few nights ago. I dreamt that there was a species much more evolved than humans on Earth. I don’t know if they were aliens from another planet who found their way here or if they were natives, but they had a much move evolved (albeit extremely different civilization) than us.

We had no idea that they even existed though because they were extremely (and I mean EXTREMELY) big. They were so big, that we couldn’t perceive them in their entirety, so we completely missed the fact that we were looking at a part of a living being. We just thought them as part of the landscape, and their movement was seen as part of different physical phenomena. It was like an amoeba trying to perceive a T-Rex in its entirety. It just wasn’t possible. What to us would look like a dinosaur, to the amoeba would look totally different. To them we looked a lot like ants, and our civilization, all our buildings and cities and structures, they looked like an ant mound. We thought we were the most advanced species on the planet, but to them we were just another animal.

This really made me think. What if we aren’t the most evolved species with the most advanced civilization on Earth? What if there’s another species that is much more advanced than we are, but we don’t even recognize its presence on the planet because its members are either way too big or way to small in size for us to notice?

THE MAN IN THE SKYthe man in the sky

It also reminded me of a being I met in the astral over a year ago. I was out of body, in some level of the astral that is close to the physical world. Archangels Raphael and Gabriel were teaching me something, and at some point they brought me back to my apartment. We stood on my balcony and Gabriel pointed at the night sky. He told me to look carefully and tell him what I see. I told him I see stars. He insisted that I keep looking. Still, nothing but stars. He pointed to a specific part of the night sky and asked me to look at it using the same gaze that allows me to see auras and spirits when in the physical world.

At first, I could see nothing unusual. After a while though, I could suddenly make out a face. Shocked, I broadened my vision (in a way that works much better in the astral, where I can switch to 360-degree vision at will) and here he was: a colossally large male figure in the sky. He looked like a normal part of the sky, as if his body was made out of stars and galaxies. He also looked as shocked that I noticed him as I was for not having noticed him before. It was one of those world-shattering moments when you realize that something was right in front of you for years, yet you had somehow completely missed it.

Gabriel told me that I could talk to him; that despite the distance he could hear me and reply. I asked him how long he  had been there in the sky and he told me that he’s been watching over the planet since its beginning, long before there was any trace of life on Earth. I felt the need to apologize for not having noticed him before, for not ever acknowledging his presence. He told me that no one had ever noticed him before. He was right there for millennia, looking over us, studying us, willing to help if only someone asked him for help, but no one seemed to notice he was there. I don’t remember if I asked this or if I just knew this was the case, but I don’t think he’s the only one of his species. There are other such beings out there, roaming the universe, watching over different planets or whole solar systems. I don’t know if they are immortal, but if they are not then they seem to have an extremely long lifespan.other species

I asked him if he could come down to Earth. He said he could, but to do that he needed to condense his form into something much smaller. He disappeared from the sky and suddenly, he was standing on the street, in a form resembling an angel. He was much smaller than his sky form, but he was still huge, towering over the buildings. In this condensed form, he was much easier to see. He looked as if he was made of a very condensed form of iridescent blueish-white light. His body, hair, robes, everything was made of this light. And he emitted an overpowering sense of peace.

He told me that -contrary to what humans believe- conflict and struggle of any kind isn’t necessary.

“Humanity evolves through conflict of some kind. Since the beginning, you have used conflict to move forward. This is because you have a polarized view of everything. It’s the way you perceive things. This is bad, so its opposite must be good. Most of the time, you don’t even know what you want until you are able to define what you don’t want. So you keep struggling, because it may take the discovery of 1000 things you don’t want, 1000 that make you suffer, to figure out what it is you like. Even your languages reflect that. You talk about the “battle against cancer” or the “fight for equal rights”. You think it’s natural, you think it’s the only way. But it’s not”.

“I can create or destroy anything without the slightest bit of conflict. I can do it peacefully, in a way that will make everyone happier than they were before. No matter what it is that you want. You can ask me for a large amount of money, and I can manifest it in your life instantly, in such a way that will not look like a miracle, but like something absolutely natural. And everyone will be happier than they were before I did it. You could even ask me for something that -based on human logic- is seen as “bad” or “evil” and I could still do it peacefully like that. “Good” and “Evil” is a dichotomy that doesn’t exist for me at all. You could ask me for example to kill someone’s girlfriend because you’re jealous of her, and I would do it and you would be happier, he would be happier, and she would be happier too. Instantly. Not because they found a way to justify what happened, see it as a useful lesson or anything like that. This is the strife logic that you have learnt to use to interpret the world. But it’s not the only logic. And it’s not the most useful logic.”

“How can you kill someone peacefully and make everyone happy at the same time? How can someone be grateful they died when they didn’t want to, when they weren’t in any pain or anything like that? I mean, I’d like to believe you, but I honestly can’t wrap my mind around that!”, I told him.

We were suddenly transported into some place I didn’t recognize, somewhere in the Caribbean. He demonstrated what he meant. It was so mind-boggling that I can’t put it into words, but it was like looking directly into all available probabilities for every person or thing involved, for every step of the way from the beginning point until the end result, and somehow selecting the right ones that would lead to the existence of the most useful set of probabilities for the next step where he’d choose the perfect one that would lead to the next one, and so on and so forth, until a result that benefited everyone in a way that THEY (not some higher power, not their religion or their parents or their dog, but THEY personally) found much better and much more wanted for themselves. It was all done in a millisecond. And it made perfect sense after it was done, even though before it was done, it seemed completely crazy and impossible.

He told me that humans could learn how to do the same thing. That he was willing to help anyone who asked him for help with manifesting absolutely anything, with no judgement, because judgement pre-supposes a polarized view of good vs evil that is foreign to him, and because -as he had already said- there was nothing he couldn’t create in a way that would be the happiest for everyone involved. He also said that he could change the past too the same way, because time is not linear and the past is no more set in stone than the future is.

He said the only reason he was able to explain all this using words that express polarity and opposition was because he’s been watching over humans since the beginning, so he had learned how we think. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to provide an explanation in a way that I could understand. It was very important to him though that I would understand this, that I would know that -even if I couldn’t do it myself yet- that I’d know it was possible.

He was also extremely happy that someone had finally noticed him in the sky. He said that he would never leave; that now that I had seen him once, it would be easier to see him again in the future, and that even if I didn’t manage to see him in the sky if I looked at it with my physical eyes, that I should know that he’s still there and he can see me and hear me, and that he would be happy to help with whatever I needed.

I didn’t exactly have a name for him when I returned to my body, but I had a music piece stuck in my mind for days that reminded me of his energy, and through this I managed to get his name eventually:


I haven’t seen him again since then and I certainly don’t remember anything manifesting in my life in a strikingly miraculous way, the way he had shown me. But his miracles manifest so unbelievably naturally that -for all I know- I could have seen his effect in my life tens of times by now and I wouldn’t even be able to recognize it for what it is.




Written by Scarlet