How To Read Auras: What Do Different Colors Mean?

Ever since I wrote the post on  How To See Auras you have all been asking me what the different colors you saw when you followed the instructions mean.

I promised you to ask a friend who has worked extensively with auras and also does aura portraits for people to write more on the topic, and that’s exactly what I did.

Allow me to introduce you to the first guest blogger on this website:

Akelta Wilde, a talented practitioner, demonosopher and a good friend of mine, who has worked with auras extensively and also does aura portraits for people.

Akelta has written a long post on auras, including the different layers of the aura as well as the interpretation of the different colors.

This is part Two: all about the different colors you can see in the aura and how to interpret them.

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It is important to remember that this is not set in stone.

These are generalities and for the most part, you will find these interpretations to be true.  But there is always that person who might have different colors, or you might sense that the color means something different.  Go with that intuition. Many people would have you think that black is a negative color, but black in the aura can be a positive and for some people a connection to the dark divine.

It is also important that with every color you see, to ask yourself if you get a negative or a positive feeling off of it.

I once worked energetically on an individual that had white on their aura that was corrosive and actually harming them.  If you see a color and get a negative feeling from it, listen to that. It might be an energy that is damaging or causing issues in the aura.  It can also be foreign to the auric body and is something that needs to be cleared.


Seeing metallic color in the aura can mean that area has powerful energies.  Metallics usually are supercharged energies and might indicate skill and power.  A connection to the divine and connection to one’s spiritual power.  Metallic energies are a sign that one is tapped into and aligned with greatness, and that they can tap into that greatness within their energy field.


If the colors feel fuzzy, hazy or distorted it could mean that there is a block or that the energies themselves are unfocused.  Energy can become unfocused in situations of stress and tension or when someone is feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  It can mean that there is a lack of clarity and can also mean that the individual is struggling with memory and recall.


Dull colors usually indicate that there is something wrong. The energy is drained or the area of the aura is blocked and the energies are not flowing smoothly.  Dull areas are usually void of energy and will have blocks around them that need to be removed so that the energies can flow smoothly again.


Vibrant color indicates health normally, but it can also mean there is too much energy and something is unbalanced.  Energies will naturally appear bright, but if a brightness stands out it could be there is too much energy in the area and a block has to be released to allow the energies to flow freely.  The goal of the energies of the aura should always be balanced.

When we are scanning, the best way to identify issues is to look for areas that stand out. They might be normal, but they might also indicate something is unbalanced.

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White is usually associated with purity. It can also mean, healing, inspiration, forgiveness, new energy that is awakening, transcendence, accessing a higher dimension, truth, a connection to the angelic divine, pregnancy if it is in the reproductive organs, new life, and new opportunity and innocence.

It can also indicate that there is an emptiness in a region that needs to be filled.


Black is an interesting color in the aura as it is often associated with negatives.

However, it does have positive sides that many people do not acknowledge.  It can give clues to the shadow self and shadow work.  Black can mean protection, straight, power, mystery, sexuality, wealth, elegance, sophistication, a profound balance and sense of self.  It can be an energy that is about to be activated and awakened.  It can mean one is strong and reliable. They can also be aloof and enjoy solitude.

On the other side, it can mean anger, destruction, and damage to the aura in the form of withholding forgiveness or unreleased guilt.  Something that is weighing the individual down that they are holding onto.  It can mean there is an astral parasite in the aura.  It can be past life pains, fear, sadness, mourning, unhappiness, and one that is withdrawn and sad.  It can also be a warning that there is evil in the person and that they are a danger.


Grey is a color that is aligned with both darkness and light.  It can reveal the shadow self and the darker side of the soul.  It can also be unconscious desires and dreams that we have that have yet to be realized.  If it looks metallic it can mean there is a powerful shield there.

On the other side, it can also reveal health problems, fears and pains one tries to conceal, or something they are guarding.  It can reveal blocked energies, darkness in one’s past, trauma, and depression.

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Brown is a very grounded and humble color.  It can reveal a love of the earth and shows one is at peace in the soul.  It can show they are tranquil and modest, have inner peace in their soul and a powerful and grounded core strength.

On the other side, it can also reveal they are insecure and have experienced loss or are lost.  It can also mean they are misguided and lost in the dark.


Red is also a very grounded and strong color that can show one has strong willpower. They are intuitive, energetic, passionate, and focused.  They are intuitive and are incredible action takers.  They have incredible vitality and life in their energies and they can be incredibly intense.  They are strong and have stamina, endurance, and a warrior spirit in their soul.  They know their purpose and they are focused on getting what they desire.

Red energies are optimistic, competitive and success driven.  Red energy is very sexual and powerful.  It also can reveal primal creativity, a healthy ego, confidence and charisma and healthy self-love.

On the other side, this color can reveal narcissism, selfishness, a creative block and a lack of confidence and appreciation of the self.

It can mean the individual is reckless, lusty, jealous, short-tempered and spiteful.   It can also reveal unbalanced anger, aggression and can mean the person is capable of physical harm and is vengeful.  It can indicate a wound in the aura or energy bleed and might indicate that future pain will arise from that area.

It can also reveal unhealthy desires in the individual.


Pink is a very soft and tender energy.  It is sensitive, sensual, artistic and also very affectionate.  It is pure, compassionate, romantic and can be very gentle.  It can reveal a willingness to help others. Pink is a very innocent color that can mean one has healing gifts and abilities.  It is a very gentle yet powerful and empowered energy.

note** dark pink can signify a seductive, playful and erotic nature and one that is very sensual and sexually creative.

On the other side, it can mean one is vindictive, spoiled, greedy and immature.  It can also mean they are dishonest and egotistical in some regard.


Orange is a color of high aspiration and ambition.  There is energy in orange, stamina, and creativity.  It also is a very productive and adventurous color that can be very outgoing and very social.

When Orange mixes with yellow it means one can access the higher mind and indicates one who is restrained and proud of themselves.  They can be confident and focused on their goals.   They can be people who are very expressive but scientific, a perfectionist who is detail orientated.

On the other side, it can mean addiction, overeating, stress and body decay.

It can reveal rot and infection and one who is cold, prideful, narrow-minded and self-sacrificial.  It can reveal destructive habits in a person’s energies.

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Yellow energies are aligned with spiritual awakenings and inspirations.

One can tap into the divine currents when they have yellow energies around.  They are creative, playful, innocent and can be very easy-going.

There is a lot of optimism and artistry in yellow energies. It is a very analytical but warm energy vibration.  It can mean overcoming ignorance and can carry in it wisdom, confidence, mental power, internal power, tenacity, respect, and prestige.  People with a lot of yellow in their aura can be fast thinkers and workers. They are intelligent and make wonderful workers and students.  It can also mean emerging psychic skills and spiritual awakenings, new ideas and personal and spiritual growth.

On the other side, it can mean one is having internal or external struggles and can fear losing control of a situation.  There can be immaturity and troubles with one’s studies.  It can mean stress and fatigue and that one is spreading themselves too thin.


Green is a very natural and beautiful color.

It is color that brings a lot of love to what it touches.  It is comfortable, natural, healthy, balanced and can mean there is growth and positive change that is happening.  It is a color that carries the frequencies of love from the universe.  It can mean one is a natural teacher and natural healer.  Someone who is social and loves people, they are adaptable, persistent, have high self- esteem, great endurance and are easy-going.

It is a color that allows for creation with the energies of heart. It means one is communicative and articulate in speech.  They are strong-willed and have a strong warrior heart.  It can show a grounded individual who is a healer and love-centered.

On the other side, it could mean envy or jealousy.  Greed and using one’s power for selfish means. It can be a corrosive and toxic energy.

It can also be one who should not be trusted to get things done and who is too lost in thoughts.  One who is resentful and resides in the victim mindset, blaming themselves or others and who has low self-esteem, lacks personal responsibly and power.  One who is oversensitive to criticism.


This is a color that aligns with the immune system.  It is sensitive, compassionate and reveals one who would make a good healer or therapist.  It is a loving and generous one that is cool-headed, calming and relaxed.


Blue is an energy that is cool, calm, collected and caring.

It is a loving energy that means someone is a helper, sensitive, intuitive and has peace and tranquility in their heart.  They are honest and have deep feelings of love and affection.  They are good at communicating their ideas and are very intelligent and logical.  They can be very relaxed and good at handling chaotic situations.

It also can reveal powerful psychic skills if around the third eye.  One who is clairvoyant and spiritually evolved.

It can also reveal one who is generous, guided and optimistic.  They can be calm, observant, have insight and be on the quiet side.

On the other side, it can mean one is cold, reserved and shy. It can also reveal fear loss and cloudiness of thought.  It can mean that there is no clarity of future events and that one has growth they need to go through.


Purple is a very beautiful color that is very much aligned with the spiritual. It shows psychic skills, intuitive nature, spiritual sensitivity, ancient memories and deep feelings.  It is wise and hypnotic.  It is spiritually sexual and complex.  It is one who understands the self and the secrets that are contained in deep intuition.

It can also be great clarity. They have great psychic powers and potential and can see visions of the future and receive futuristic inspirations. They are idealistic, artistic, magical visionaries who are incredibly creative and imaginative.  They are intuitive and great healers who are unified in thought.  They are enchanting and have a deep understanding of the higher spiritual energies.  They are very etheric, balanced and tranquil.

On the other side, it is misguided intentions and corruption.  One who is a troublemaker and who is radical and detached. They are ungrounded and have deep emptiness and sorrow in their heart. They can also be moody.


Gold is a powerful and beautiful divine energy. It means connection to source, divine wisdom and one who is connected and receiving wisdom from the higher energies.  It also is a powerful healing energy.  It is open-minded, it reveals one’s mental strength and internal power, their core strength.

It is the heart of gold, kindness, divine spiritual knowledge and spiritual transformation. It is inspiration and awakening. It shows one is unlocking their potential and awakening their inner knowledge. They are intuitive thinkers. Spiritually minded and receiving divine guidance.  It is a protective energy and one that is linked to the divine masculine energies and the divine god.

On the other side, it can mean there is a block in the body that is causing injury.

It can also mean there is too much energy, and reveal abusive, dominating, corruptive and greed energies.


Silver in the aura means spiritual and physical abundance.

It can also mean one is awakening their higher mind and can mean they are opening up to new spiritual ideas.  It is a color that naturally attracts money, new ideas and is intuitive and nurturing in nature.  It enhances one’s power and draws energy from the moon and the night.

It can be associated with the divine feminine energies and can mean one is aligned with the energies of the divine goddess.

On the other side, it can mean injury and that one has been harmed.  It can also mean blocked emotions and blocked energies.

It can take time to learn to read the colors in the aura.  The first step is learning how to see the aura and trusting yourself.  When you are scanning an aura if you see a color pop up, explore it. Explore the color and see what it says to you.  The energies of the aura all have their own message and when we learn to read them and listen, it is amazing the stories that they share.

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Akelta WildePriestess Akelta is a Demonosopher who has walked with demons since she was a child. She is one who believes that we should not try to banish the spirits and entities from our lives, but rather seek to understand and learn to work with them. Humans have walked alongside spirits since before the birth of civilization. She teaches others to return to those practices, to find spiritual empowerment and fulfillment in their lives while staying grounded in this world. She is a mother of two, loving wife to an incredible husband and lives in B.C. Canada.

Visit her at her website: Satan and Suns 
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