Doing Magic Just For Fun

doing magic just for fun

There was a discussion recently in the Strategic Sorcery group about what kinds of magic people do just for fun. You know, not for serious stuff, to cover urgent needs or to instigate great changes in your life, but mostly because you thought along the lines of “I wonder what will happen if I do this”. Or maybe “why not enchant for X and see what happens?”. Magic for frivolous stuff, or at least stuff you don’t mind experimenting with.

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Since the discussion was so inspiring, and since I truly believe that magic is something that you are, not something that you do when you enter the temple, I decided to post a list of frivolous and/or fun things I use magic for.

  1. Parking spots. It may sound frivolous, but finding a good parking spot instead of having to look for one for 30+ minutes, only to park your car 10 minutes away from your house, is good for your mental health. Especially when it’s something you go through every day and sometimes multiple times a day. For a whole year after getting my driver’s license I had enchantments in place for finding big parking spots, cause I didn’t trust my parallel parking skill very much.
  2. Enchantments to attract the information I need, even if I don’t even know I need it. This would mean that a book I’d never choose to read by myself will be given to me and it will have exactly what I needed, someone whose newsletter I receive will suddenly be inspired to write about what I had in mind to ask, I’ll be thinking about learning a new language and the people sitting at the table next to me at a restaurant will start talking about their amazing language teacher, and many other crazy and hilarious ways that information can find me. This also includes gossip about me that I may need to do something about too. Not all gossip reaches me, but there are enchantments in place that ensure I get to hear about people slandering me as soon as it happens if it’s the kind of situation where it would be good to do something about it before it gets out of control.
  3. Sales and discounts. I do magic so that when I need and/or want something, it will have higher chances of being discounted. You can also enchant for free stuff.

4. Energy manipulation techniques at big gatherings, parties etc. Gatherings of people (especially those where you don’t know everyone there) are a great opportunity to practice many astral techniques to see what kind of effects you can create. From pore breathing to testing my anchors, glamors, different personalities/masks I want to try etc, there are many techniques that you won’t know if you can pull off successfully unless you test them on other people. Social gatherings give you a chance to do that in a fun way, and the benefit is that when you actually need one of these techniques, you’ll know that they will work at least to some degree because you’ve tried them before. It’s better to try your astral techniques meant to keep people away from you at a social gathering where you don’t want to be bothered for example instead of trying them for the first time when you’re walking down a dangerous dark alley at 3am.


5. People laugh when I mention this, but I use the universal centering to open bottles and jars that are screwed too tight. “I am the center of the universe, everything revolves around me. So does this jar, and it opens easily in my hands now!”. And pop, it opens. Cause what use is it to be the center of everything, a living god etc etc, if you can’t open a damn jar, right? I’ve also used a similar technique to open a locked door when the lock was jammed (I was locked inside a bathroom in a ship for 30 minutes before it occurred to me to try this. It’s not alohomora, but it worked equally fast).

6. A good hair day. If you’re a woman and you don’t naturally have perfect hair (who does anyway?), this is for you. You can also enchant for great skin (nothing says you have to have a problem first before using magic; you can have enchantments just for decreasing the chances of waking up with a pimple or something like that).

7. If you are a collector or just like antiques, old books, vintage stuff etc, you can enchant for finding bargains (or better, for the bargains to find you). I use it mostly for finding limited edition magic books/grimoires that aren’t priced in the thousands for no reason at all (other than the fact that someone bought 20 copies when the book came out just so they can sell each one for $1000 a couple of years later).

8. Enchant to be at the right place at the right time, and/or to meet the right people at the right time. This can be for something specific (if you’re looking for a job for example) or it can be general, to get more happy coincidences of that nature for everything that interests you. It often works well with number

9. Enchant to give small blessings to others. I sometimes do random stuff like put a small enchantment on my change so that whoever gets a coin from me during the day for whatever reason, will have something happen that will make their day. You can also go a step further and turn the coins into talismans that spread the influence to all the other coins they touch, so that when someone receives a coin from you and puts it into their wallet, all their coins will turn into small blessing talismans too. You can also do the same with candy, balloons, whatever you want.

10. Enchant for sheer good luck. Not for something specific; just for having really good luck during the day. This may result to anything really, and it’s fun to watch the results.

So these are a few of the not-so-serious things I use magic for. What kinds of fun stuff do you use magic for? Message me or post in the comments below to let me know 🙂


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Written by Scarlet