Dreaming of planets, photo shoots and dead celebrities

dream necromancy, veil between worlds

Last night I dreamt that I traveled in my T.A.R.D.I.S to one of the realms of the dead to pick up a long-deceased actress and bring her home in the early 90’s with me (apparently my T.A.R.D.I.S can travel between realms too instead of just through time, and -in case anyone is curious- that particular realm of the dead was a pretty shiny and happy place).  The actress was wearing a royal blue dress and golden earrings and she was the one who had invited me to pick her up because -for unknown reasons- she had decided to move in with me for a while.

When we had reached our time (which, again, I have no idea why but it was the early 90’s) but before going home, she asked me if we could visit another place first. I set the coordinates to where she told me and we landed on a balcony in a dirty, grey and depressive city at around sundown. I asked what we were doing there and she pointed towards the balconies across the street. There was a photo shooting going on: different balconies had different couples standing in different poses. The women were all wearing different styles of wedding dresses, all crimson red, while the grooms were in black suits. She told me that this photo shoot is called “Red wedding dresses, black suits” and that she found it particularly interesting and that I should pay attention because it will be useful to me in time. I had no idea what she was talking about and I honestly found it all pretty boring, but we stayed there until it was over and then headed home.

We arrived at my place (that is actually my parents’ place, but in the dream it was supposed to be mine) and I started telling her that I am a messy person in general and I apologize for how the place looks, despite the fact that everything was perfectly clean and tidy and only my bedroom was a mess (which she couldn’t see from where we were standing).

“Oh honey, that’s not a mess! That is a sign of a creative mind overflowing with ideas! I love it, and I love the fact that I’m moving in with you!”, was all she said before getting comfortable on the couch. And then I woke up.

I didn’t have a clue what this whole thing could mean, until the realization hit me that her name is almost exactly the same as one of the planetary spheres (in a different language though, that’s why I didn’t immediately notice). Now I’m thinking that maybe the dream -and more specifically the colors in the dream- wasn’t random at all, especially considering the great emphasis in the color of her dress as well as the red and black of the models in the photo shoot. Considering that I’m about to take part in a two-week planetary challenge and I was thinking before going to bed that I need to choose what goal I am going to be focusing on, I am getting the feeling that there’s some sort of instructions in the dream. Maybe the colors indicate the spheres that are essential or the most important for this goal to manifest? I still haven’t decided which goal I am going to be focusing on, but I’m now wondering what it is that would require the marriage of Mars and Saturn (red wedding dresses and black suits) to manifest.

Written by Scarlet