Drinkable Potion That Will Warm Your Soul: Hot Buttered Rum

drinkable potion that will warm your soul: hot buttered rum

Not everyone likes rum.

Yet fewer people can resist a cup of hot buttered rum- its spices, its sweetness and its warm buttery goodness make it the perfect drink for those cold fall and winter nights.

But how did a tropical drink such as rum get to be the main ingredient in a fall/winter warm cocktail?

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Actually, hot buttered rum has a long history in the U.S. that goes back to colonial times. Hot spiced alcoholic beverages were popular in Europe for centuries among people who wanted something to keep them warm during the long, cold winters. Back then brandy was usually used in such recipes, but in colonial times, rum replaced brandy. Rum was initially imported, but soon colonists set up their own distilleries so that they could produce their own rum from molasses.

Initially, hot buttered rum was nothing more than hot water poured into rum and enriched with a spoonful of butter. Soon though, it evolved into the spiced goodness we are nowadays accustomed to.

Some people love the richness of hot buttered rum, while others complain about the grease forming on the surface of the drink. According to Wayne Curtis, author of the book “A History Of The New World In Ten Cocktails”, the forming of grease on the surface can be prevented if ice cream is mixed into the batter (so if you were bothered by this, now you know what to do!).

Here is how to make a hot buttered rum drinkable potion that will warm your soul, to drink alone or to treat your friends and family!

hot buttered rum


  • Dark rum. Don’t use white rum, it won’t taste the same. You really need dark rum for this. (To give a kick to your potion. For speed and strength. Also a great offering for spirits, which means that some of them may really appreciate a cup of hot buttered rum as a special treat)
  • One stick of room-temperature butter (to smooth things, make things easier or make things go your way)
  • A cup of dark brown sugar. You can use any type of sugar really, but I find dark brown sugar and coconut sugar have the richest flavor and really add to the flavor (to sweeten others to you and to draw all kinds of things)
  • A tablespoon of ground cinnamon (for love and passion)
  • A teaspoon of ground nutmeg (for good luck in money matters and games of chance)
  • A teaspoon of ground cloves (for friendship)
  • Optionally, a bit of vanilla, vanilla extract or a few scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  • A cinnamon stick for decoration
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Personally, I like to talk to each ingredient, thanking it for the powers it brings to my potion. So as you add each ingredient, thank it for what it brings. If you have a different method feel free to go with that of course.

hot buttered rum batter

In a bowl, mix the butter with the sugar really well. When it’s thoroughly mixed, add the rest of the ingredients and mix really well. Make sure there are no lumps of butter anywhere and that all the ground spices have been mixed well and there are no pockets of spices trapped anywhere in the butter. Once the batter is ready, you can put it in a glass food container with a lid (I don’t favor plastic ones because the spices often color the plastic) and store in the fridge for several months.

  • Pre-heat a cup by pouring hot water into it.
  • Warm up some water.
  • When the water is warm enough, empty the pre-heated cup and put 2 oz of dark rum in it.
  • Add about 4 oz of hot water to the rum.
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of the batter and stir well until it is fully dissolved.
  • Put some whipped cream on top, sprinkle with ground cinnamon and add a cinnamon stick for decoration.
hot buttered rum

That’s it! You’re ready to enjoy your warm cup of sugary, buttery rum goodness!

Keep in mind that if you like your beverages very sweet or if on the other hand hate too sweet drinks, you may need to experiment with the amount of sugar to find the perfect amount for your tastes. I’ve mostly seen recipes with way more sugar than mine, but to me that is just way too much sugar and not enough butter. You may think otherwise. Also if you know you aren’t very fond of one of the ingredients, you can lower the amount used or leave it out. And of course you can add more spices if you want (ginger comes to mind).

I have also found that the batter is perfect to put in your hot coffee, with or without rum. Since the recipe above gives you enough batter for several cups, feel free to try it in coffee or hot cocoa and see how you like it.

Oh, of course it’s also delicious on toast 🙂

If you make it, let me know what you think!

Bottoms up!


Hot buttered rum potion recipe + printable recipe card
Hot buttered rum magick potion recipe + printable card

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