How To Choose The Right Magic Spell

how to choose the right magic spell

So you discovered magic and witchcraft and all the wonderful things they can do for you.

You realised that it can help you solve your problems, achieve your goals and be successful.

That’s awesome, right?

But there are thousands -if not millions- of spells you could use.

So how do you know which spell is right for you? Which spell is going to produce the best results for you?

In this post, we’re going to untangle that together. I’m going to guide you through a series of things to consider, so you can confidently choose a spell that has the best chances to manifest your desires in your life.

So let’s begin!


By now you’re probably thinking this is a weird question to start with.

Of course you know what you want, right?

Well it’s not always that easy.

See, there are many different categories one could classify desires under.

Let’s start with the straightforward category:

You know exactly what it is you want

For example, you want to get a specific position at a specific company.

Or you are on the market to buy a house and you want your offer for this particular house you’ve fallen in love with to be accepted.

Or you want to ace your exam next month.

These are all very specific desires. You know exactly what it is you want.

But let’s look into some other cases:

You have a general idea of what you want

Examples of desires in this category would be:

You want to find a job as a software engineer but you don’t have a specific company in mind.

Or you want to find love, but you don’t have a specific person in mind.

You don’t know what you want, but you know what you don’t want

This is an interesting category of desires that many people don’t take into consideration.

If your desire falls into this category then you have zero clue where you want to go, but you know for sure that it’s not where you are now.

For example, you know that you absolutely hate your job and want out of there ASAP. But you have no idea what you want to do instead.

You don’t know if you want a similar position in another company or to open an ETSY store selling fancy slime instead.

Or you know you want to get out of this city cause it’s expensive, you can’t find a good job and you can’t stand the people, but you have no clue which place you want to move to.

You basically know that you want things to change and that where you are now doesn’t work for you. You know very well what you want to move away from. You just have no clue which direction you want to move towards.

If your desire falls into the second (you have a general idea of what you want) or third category (you don’t know what you want but you know what you don’t want) then a great spell choice to start with would be a Road Opening Spell (number 4 on the linked page).

The purpose of the spell in the first case (you don’t know exactly what you want) is to open the road for you to find/be hired/meet etc what it is you want (eg. “open the way for me to meet an amazing new girlfriend that’s compatible with me and wants to date me”).

If your desire falls into the third category then the purpose is to open the way for you to figure out what you want/where you want to go (eg. “open the way for me to find the kind of job I would really enjoy doing that will also pay the bills and support/upgrade my current lifestyle”).

Note: There is a category of desires where you have a general idea what you want but you don’t necessarily need to get extremely specific in order to be more successful.

For example if you want to do a protection spell to protect your house not because you’re in any immediate danger but just as a general security measure then that’s specific enough for your purposes. In that case, try to come up with different kinds of protection you would like (eg. protection from hostile spirits? protection from burglars? protection from damage?) to help you find the right spell or combination of spells for you.


do you know how to get there?

Sometimes we know exactly what we want but we don’t know how to get there.

It looks like this:

Where you are now —-> Blank —–> Where you want to be

Let’s say for example that you are a business owner and you are currently making $50.000/y.

You want to be making $150.000/y but you have no clear idea how to get there.

If this is the case then a great first step is to again start with road opening, this time with the goal of:

  1. To open the road for you to see how to use what you already have to increase your revenue
  2. To open the way for new profitable opportunities to appear.

(for better results, pick only one goal for each road opening spell or ritual you do instead of cramming multiple into one ritual)

If you already have a clear idea of how to get from where you are to where you want to go then move on to the next step.



Some goals are pretty straight-forward and only have one step between where we are and where we want to go. Other desires involve multiple steps though.

A mistake many new magicians and witches make is trying to find one spell that will get them straight to what they want, even when there are multiple in-between steps involved.

To show you what I mean, let’s take a very clear long-term example:

Let’s say you are a highschool student and your goal is to become a very successful neurosurgeon.

This goal looks something like this:

Where you are right now (highschool) —> Getting really good grades —-> Acing your exams —-> Getting accepted into a top college —–> Acing the interview —–> Acing your exams every time so you can be top of your class or as close to the top as possible —-> Graduating ——-> Getting accepted into a top program to become a neurosurgeon —–> Finishing the program —–> Finding a job as a neurosurgeon —–> Making sure you’re better than most other neurosurgeons

And that’s only a simplified version of what it would take.

There might be other factors to consider (for example can you afford college? are you certain you want to be a neurosurgeon and not some other specialty instead?).

The mistake many new magicians and witches make is to try to find the one spell that will taken them from where they are now (eg. highschool) to where they want to be (one of the top neurosurgeons in the country).

Now you may think “this neurosurgeon goal is something that takes years to achieve. Of course I wouldn’t throw one single spell at it and expect it to transform me into a neurosurgeon overnight!”.

But it doesn’t have to be as complicated and long as the example above to require more than one spell.

If your goal is something you can break into smaller steps -even if it’s 1 or 2 additional smaller steps- then it’s almost certain it will benefit from targeting each step individually.


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So for a simpler example, let’s say you know you want a specific position at a specific company making a specific amount of money.

You can do one spell aimed at successfully getting the job.

But in addition to that, make sure to target all the steps between where you are and being successfully hired, like for example for the interview for the job to really well, for the interviewers to perceive you as likeable and capable, for the company to agree to pay you the amount you want or more etc.

The one big overarching spell to get the job will pull your life in the direction you want to go, but to have the best results you need to break up the process into smaller steps and enchant for success in each step as shown above.


So hopefully by now you have a clearer idea what kind of spell or spells you need and in what order.

So let’s talk about where to look for the specific types of spells you need.

Nowadays anyone can find spells -whether in books or online- from pretty much every corner of the world. Pick any category of spells (eg. money spell) and you can find one from every country and tradition, with the help of spirits, without calling on spirits, with angels, with demons, with fairies, with anything one could think of.

how to choose the right magic spell: everything you need to know to choose the right spell for you

So how do you know which spell is better? How do you know which tradition has the best spells and rituals?

It’s simple:

What is your tradition? If you don’t have one (or don’t have one yet) then what spirits do you work with or feel close to?

Put your goal aside for a moment. You don’t have to look for, say, a spirit known for helping in money matters or a spirits known for helping in love matters that you know. Just think about the spiritual connections you already have.

If you’re brand-new to magic and think you don’t have any connections with spirits at all know that this may or may not be true.

If you were raised catholic for example and have a patron saint you used to pray to as a child then this is a spirit. St Joseph can help you sell your house and St Anthony can not only help you find your keys but also return your lost love to you.

Depending on your goal and your current path you may not want to petition them for this particular desire or you may not wish to work with them any longer, but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a spirit you already have a relationship with.

Another kind of spirits everyone has access to is their ancestors. Even if you never knew your family or any family members you knew who have passed were @ssholes, each person’s ancestors go back in time to the first humans and even further. So you can still find ancestors in your line that are willing to help you.

Working with spirits we already have a relationship with beats going for a brand-new to us, “shiny” spirit we don’t even feel called to work with just because it’s who everyone associates with our goal.

Archangel Michael for example is a spirit generally known to be very willing to protect anyone in danger and many people who otherwise want nothing to do with christianity swear by him. But in my experience he is unresponsive (at best) to downright hostile towards me (in more than one occasion). So even though I work a lot with other archangels, I’d never petition Michael to protect me. I would go to another spirit I actually have a relationship with. Like Hekate for example, or even local spirits I’ve developed a relationship with that -while not necessarily protective by nature- have great power within their domain and will keep intruding hostile spirits away from my home.

So if you belong to a specific tradition, look within that tradition and the spirits you already work with for spells and rituals to achieve your goal.

If you don’t belong to any tradition and don’t have specific spirits you have a developed a relationship with yet then look into spirits you hadn’t considered for magic until now (like saints or your ancestors) or at least spirits you feel a strong pull to work with.


You know what each step you need to target with magic is and you also know which tradition or spirits you are going to work with.

Now let’s move to something else you need to consider:

the most coherent approach

See, for any given goal there are several different ways you could potentially follow:

Let’s say there’s someone causing you problems at work and you want this to stop.

You could:

  • Expose them and their lies so they are unable to continue hurting you and your reputation
  • Get them promoted so don’t have to work with them anymore
  • Get them transferred into another department
  • Get them transferred to another city/country
  • Get them fired
  • Influence the boss/supervisor to see them as useless so they get to experience the same treatment you had to endure because of them
  • Freeze their influence so they can’t hurt you
  • Get them into an accident so they’ll end up in the hospital or even permanently damaged so they’re out of your hair

These are just some of the options you have when it comes to how you’re going to handle this.

The questions you need to answer are:

  1. Which approach would be the best and most likely to succeed?
  2. Which approach do you prefer?

For example the last approach could be very likely to succeed if you know they drive carelessly. But do you truly want to cause someone bodily harm, possibly kill them or at least cripple them for life and potentially the same kind of harm to whoever else will be involved in that accident, just to get a coworker to stop causing problems?

Whichever approach you choose is your call. Just make sure you go with something that’s both likely to work and it’s something you can live with.

Which brings me to the next point:


While you shouldn’t feel like you have to go gentle in every case, keep in mind that it’s very easy to escalate with magic. If your initial approach isn’t producing the desired results you can always move to something more forceful.

The opposite is extremely hard to do though.

You can almost never de-escalate without any lingering consequences.

If you try to very forcibly influence someone to like you or to do something they don’t want then -even when you realise it wasn’t the best approach and pull back- they will probably end up pissed at you or not liking you that much all of a sudden, even if they can’t explain why.

If your magic puts someone in the hospital with serious injuries even though you had something less harmful in mind like a broken leg, then you’ll always have to live with the fact that you caused that.

More forceful doesn’t equal best or most likely to succeed in magic. Many things require a gentler approach instead and if you go in forcefully you may break things and relationships that will be very difficult to fix.

So when in doubt about a specific spell cause it seems to forceful, try going with something gentler first. If it doesn’t do the trick then you can always escalate later.


Finally, another way to make sure you have picked the right spell for your goal is divination.

After going through the process above use divination to check if the spell or spells you have picked are likely to succeed and bring you the desired results or not.

If you have broken up your goal in several steps and have picked spells for each step then I’d personally only divine for the first step initially.

You have no concrete way of knowing how things will turn out after the first step. So only proceed to divine for the second step when you actually get there and are ready to start working magic for that step.

You can of course perform an initial divination to check if your overall approach is solid, but divining for each step when you’re preparing to start enchanting for it is extremely important.

Written by Scarlet