How To Create A Bubble Shield For Psychic Protection

How To Create A Bubble Shield For Psychic ProtectionWHAT IS PSYCHIC SHIELDING

Psychic shielding refers to a number of different methods and techniques of protection against energy attacks, spirits, magic as well as information overload for those who have psychic abilities (telepaths, empaths etc).


Nothing exists in a vacuum.

At any given moment, we are surrounded by a huge number of energies, influences and other living beings, not all of them friendly and benevolent.

From astral parasites to hostile spirits to envious people, there are many things out there that may target us, either with the purpose of harming us or for the purpose of using us (for example to feed off our energy).

While random serious attacks are a bit rare, witches and magicians naturally draw the attention of more spirits and astral critters than most other people, and often the attention of other practitioners as well, who may not have the best intentions.

In addition to that, people who have some level of psychic ability (telepaths and empaths for example) often find themselves overloaded and drained in crowded places.

There are also people who are energy vampires, consciously or unconsciously leaching energy from the people around them (if you have a friend who’s constantly miserable and complaining and whenever you meet them you end up feeling totally drained and exhausted afterwards then you know what I’m talking about).

The good news is that there are ways to protect and defend ourselves from all that!

In addition to this, if you work with spirits and you happen to be attacked by someone or something (say a malevolent spirit or another practitioner), psychic shielding techniques will buy you time (so that you can decide how to deal with the threat, summon a spirit to help you, banish etc).

Another benefit is that many potential attackers (whether human or spirits) are looking for easy targets. So when they spot a shield around a person, that is oftentimes enough to deter them from even trying and they simply move on to an easier target.

Finally, shields can also be used to draw attention away from you if you feel you may be in physical danger (when having to walk down a dark alley late at night in a bad neighbourhood for example).

While you shouldn’t rely on this to keep yourself safe and take unnecessary risks, it’s always nice to know you have a few aces up your sleeve in case you find yourself in a jam.


A bubble shield is the most basic shield a person can create.

It is very easy to create, it requires very little energy to maintain and it can protect from minor everyday annoyances.

rainbow bubbleWhile it’s practically useless in psychic battle and for serious deliberate attacks (because most practitioners with even basic skills can easily shatter or penetrate it) it is still useful if you want something simple that can easily be cast around you to keep other people’s energy from affecting you (when they are in a bad mood for example).

It can also be useful for non-deliberate minor attacks directed at you (some people unconsciously leach energy from other people for example).

The smallest and not particularly dangerous astral parasites can also be kept out with this shield, as they look for an easy target and a simple bubble is often enough to deter them from even trying to attach themselves to you.

It can also act as a warning system, drawing your attention to the fact that someone is directing something negative or hostile towards you.

This will allow you to bring up a battle shield if needed (if you know how to construct one), call your protective spirits, attack back (if this is called for) or simply leave the place.

Finally, if programmed with this intention, it can also be useful in blocking or at least lessening the incoming psychic information you pick up, which is especially useful for natural telepaths and empaths who get overloaded with information, especially in very crowded places.

There are two different methods you can use to create a bubble shield, and I’m going to walk you through both of them.

Note that it takes a few minutes to actually create a solid shield that won’t immediately dissipate the moment you stop paying attention to it. The time needed will eventually become shorter with practice, or with the use of energy manipulation methods.


  1. Imagine a bubble of energy enclosing your body like an eggshell. You can either see the whole bubble forming at once, or you can see it building slowly from the ground up if that’s easier for you.  Make sure it encloses your whole body (so it extends above your head and into the ground below your feet too). There shouldn’t be any part of your body that’s left unprotected, so go for a sphere or (most commonly) and egg-shaped bubble. The color of the energy most people use is brilliant white or golden.

2. Program it with an intention. This can be as simple as deciding it has those qualities (for example deciding it can keep other people’s negative emotions from affecting you) or telling it what it is you want it to do (for example “Keep other people’s negative emotions from affecting me!”).

3. Keep focusing on the bubble. The more you focus on it, the more energy it gets, so -especially if you’re new to working with energy and don’t know how to draw it and use it to feed the shield- spend at least 5 minutes focusing on the shield in your mind’s eye. While bubble shields can be built in seconds, the more energy you put in a shield the longer it will last before dissipating.

4. As you’re focusing on the bubble don’t focus only on what it looks like but also keep in your mind the programming and what you want it to do. For example don’t just keep the image of the bubble in your mind but also keep the knowledge in mind that this is your bubble that can keep out other people’s negative emotions from affecting you


  1. Picture a ball of energy in your solar plexus. Concentrate on it for a while.

2. When you feel it has gathered enough energy, see it expanding out and getting bigger and bigger, until it encompasses your whole body. As it grows, it pushes out all the negative and unwanted energy you have in your body and energy field.

3. Program it (like in method 1) and focus on it for about 5 minutes to make sure it has enough energy to stay put.

As you can see, the difference between the two methods is that the second method also pushes out any negative energy already present in your body and energy field.

A bubble shield is the first and most basic type of shield you can create.
To learn 9 more types of shields including defensive shields, offensive shields, how to combine different types of shields to make a complex shield and how to come up with your own shield designs, check out my Psychic Shielding Mini-Course!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the types of shields a person can construct. With a little bit of practice, you can create many different types of shields easily and in a shorter amount of time.


How To Create A Bubble Shield For Psychic Protection

Written by Scarlet