How To Create Your Own Effective Uncrossing Bath

how to create your own effective uncrossing bath

Many of you email me asking for help with different kinds of problems in your life.

While it’s impossible to truly know what the best course of action for each person is unless we talk extensively and use divination to look into the situation and the different options available, there are a few things I very regularly advise people to do, and with good reason:

They are the types of rituals that can address most situations, and there’s usually no downside to performing them.

So today I want to talk to you about one of the most important and useful things anyone who practices magic needs to learn: Uncrossing.


The term uncrossing (and the basic elements of the baths I’m going to talk about later in this article) comes from the tradition of hoodoo.

To understand what uncrossing is, you need to first understand what a crossed condition is:

A crossed condition is a kind of magical “knot” or “short wire” in a person’s life. Instead of having an open path, something got tied up and got tangled and it’s causing stagnation and/or all kinds of problems. A crossed condition may have external causes (a curse or hex someone put on you) or internal causes (the accumulation of angst, stress, negative thoughts about yourself or the situation created the crossed condition). In the case of an actual curse, there is often an accompanying inner aspect that developed over time (the curse created a repeated difficulty or bad luck in an area of the person’s life, leading them to form a negative opinion about themselves or believe they aren’t meant to succeed in that area of life) and also needs to be cleared along with the actual curse.

So uncrossing is the name given to a large number of different methods and rituals meant to remove crossed conditions from a person’s life.


Uncrossing is one of the most underused and underestimated kinds of magic.

The reason for this is that many experienced magicians tend to think that no one could possibly manage to put a curse on them (which is totally untrue) so they refuse to entertain the possibility that a problem in their life could be the result of a crossed condition.

The same people will often deny that they could have created a crossed condition in their lives themselves, even though it’s a pretty common occurrence.

When people think about crossed conditions, they often only think about the more extreme aspect of them (illness, accidents, extreme damage of property etc).

The truth is though that there are more subtle but still particularly harmful effects that often are the result of crossed conditions.

If you’re crossed, chances are that any magic you do will either not have much (if any) effect, it will fizzle out fast or it will manifest in all kinds of wonky and weird ways.

You may even start having the exact opposite results (for example you may do a spell for more money and you will lose money instead).

a visual representation of crossed conditions
A visual representation of crossed conditions.

Uncrossing helps untangle whatever got tangled, remove the blocks and put you back on a positive path. Things suddenly start working out for you again.

Depending on the area of your life where your crossed condition was, you may start making more money, your relationship with other people will suddenly improve, your health may start improving, you may be presented with new opportunities after a long period of stagnation, your magic starts having the intended effect and/or the results are solid and don’t fizzle out after a day or two.

I recently had a situation that was stuck, and no matter what I did in a mundane or magical level, it wouldn’t move forward in any way.

I was extremely frustrated.

I decided to take a series of uncrossing baths (even though I was pretty sure there was no outside magic or inner thing standing in the way. But just in case, ya know?).

Believe it or not, on the third day of uncrossing, things not only started moving again a number of things related to it that were also unpleasant and frustrating completely transformed overnight!


I bet by now you’re thinking this may be the solution you were looking for, but you aren’t sure if you are crossed or not. So how can you tell if you’re crossed?

While there are different ways to find out if you’re crossed (divination, asking a psychic person to check if they see anything indicating a curse in your aura, reading the results of an egg cleansing etc), the best way is to actually go through with an uncrossing ritual and see if anything improves in your life.

While not all people will have to deal with an actual curse in their lives, pretty much everyone will face crossed conditions at least once (most likely multiple times).

So if you have a suspicion you may be crossed, simply go ahead and perform an uncrossing! It won’t hurt even if you aren’t actually suffering from crossed conditions.

Another useful time to do an uncrossing is before any major spellwork you have planned.

If you have a big goal and you’ve made a plan to do spellwork as well as mundane things to achieve it, it would be really wise to start on the right foot by doing an uncrossing first.

In many systems of magic, it is customary to take a purification bath before any ritual.

So take an uncrossing bath right before your ritual to ensure that you have removed any crossed conditions -known and unknown- that may be standing in the way and given your ritual the best possible conditions to work and produce powerful results for you!


how to create an uncrossing bath

While there are many different methods of uncrossing, one of the most popular ones is uncrossing baths.

Uncrossing is basically removing the dirt and all the nasty stuff that’s stuck on you, so much like a regular bath removes impurities and dirt and leaves you clean and fresh, so do uncrossing baths remove spiritual and energetic impurities and nasty stuff and leave you spiritually clean.

Uncrossing baths are usually performed for a number of consecutive days (usually 3, 7, 9 or 13 days) depending on the severity of the problem.

I recommend taking an uncrossing bath for a minimum of 3 days, otherwise you are unlikely to get close to getting the full effects.

If you have never taken an uncrossing bath in your life, if you haven’t taken one in over a year, if you have a big problem in your life or if you feel stuck in more than one area, I strongly recommend that you take an uncrossing bath for the full 13 days, and that if you get positive results, that you consider repeating the whole process for another 13 days about a month or so later, just to make sure everything has been fully cleared.

The number of ingredients in different uncrossing baths also differs depending on the severity of the situation as well as the particular area of the person’s life they want to uncross, but it’s usually 3,7,9 or 13 ingredients.

You can do a general uncrossing bath and ask for the removal of all crossed conditions in every area of your life, or -if you are certain the crossed conditions are in a specific area of your life- you can target the uncrossing specifically to remove the crossed conditions in that area of your life (if you choose this option, mention all the crossed conditions that you know about specifically, and also ask for the unknown crossed conditions to be removed. You never know what you may be used to and consider natural that is actually just a long-established crossed condition).

After deciding if you are going to do a general or targeted uncrossing and for how many days, the next step is picking the right allies in the form of herbs and other ingredients.

There are many different recipes for uncrossing baths and you can find uncrossing bath mixes in most occult stores. But I recommend that you create your own mix because every person and every situation is different, so the herbs you pick for your bath are often the right ones for your particular situation.

There are a few different ways to pick your ingredients for the bath:
  1. The most straightforward way is to take a look at the list below and pick the ones that sound better-suited for your particular situation.[spacer height=”20px”]
  2. The second way is to ask a spirit you trust (your patron deity for example) to advice you on which combination would be most effective in lifting your crossed conditions.[spacer height=”20px”]
  3. The third way is to ask the plants themselves. If you have many of them in stock then simply ask them and see which ones want to work with you for this particular series of uncrossing.[spacer height=”20px”]
  4. Finally, you can use divination to determine the best combination. If you aren’t very good at divination yet, a simple way is to place the herbs (or papers with the names of the different ingredients) in a semi-circle on a table and use a pendulum. [spacer height=”20px”]Ask what the first ingredient that would be the most effective for your uncrossing baths is and let the pendulum swing towards it. Repeat the process for the second ingredient, the third etc, until you have the full recipe.

Here’s a list of uncrossing herbs and other common ingredients found in uncrossing baths:

uncrossing bath ingredients list
  • AGRIMONY is a herb known for its power in removing curses and hexes.
  • CHAMOMILE FLOWERS have many powers. Uncrossing is one of them.
  • DILL LEAF can break curses in a person’s love life.
  • EUCALYPTUS is a herb that cleanses and removes evil.
  • HYSSOP is a herb that not only can purify and remove crossed conditions, but it can also be used to remove guilt or shame that is weighing you down.
  • LEMON LEAVES can remove unwanted situations and people that are holding you back.
  • SEA SALT is one of the most versatile ingredients in magic. Salt is very powerful and it will do what you tell it to (which is why it has so many different uses in so many different spells and rituals). Use salt in your uncrossing bath to remove all crossed conditions from yourself (by bringing the power of the sea to your bath) and to “ground” your uncrossing into the physical world so that the results will last longer (salt is often used to represent the element of earth in rituals, so it has a grounding, solidifying effect).
  • LEMON MINT can break up bad situations and remove what’s holding you back.
  • MINT is another well-known curse-breaker that also helps to unblock your luck and/or remove any spells put on you to block your luck or bring you bad luck.
  • LEMON has the power to cut the ties with unwanted people and situations as well as anyone and anything blocking your success and happiness.
  • PATCHULI LEAVES can break curses. Patchouli enhances the power of whatever spell or formula it is added to (regardless of whether the intention of the spell or formula is positive or negative), so it not only has uncrossing powers by itself but will enhance the effectiveness of your uncrossing bath if you add it to the mix.
  • ROSE PETALS can remove crossed conditions and hexes from your love life.
  • ROSEMARY is a protective and cleansing herb that can remove curses and crossed conditions, as well and negative thoughts that are weighing you down and lies you tell yourself that undermine your self-confidence and power.
  • RUE is known as a powerful protector against the evil eye. This is one of the most popular herbs when it comes to removing curses, hexes and crossed conditions.
  • VINEGAR is a very strong cleansing ingredient that can easily break and remove curses, hexes and crossed conditions. Especially useful for persistent problems and crossed conditions that won’t go away with gentler cleansing methods.
  • SAGE can break and/or reverse curses.
  • WHITE OAK BARK is known specifically for its powers when it comes to removing curses.
  • BASIL is a cleansing and purifying herb that also protects from evil and brings money and success. In many countries, there is a basil plant in every home because it is believed that evil can’t enter where a basil plant lives. If the plant suddenly dies, it is considered a sign that someone is working evil magic against the family.
  • BLACK COFFEE is also powerful when it comes to removing curses and crossed conditions. Just brew a cup of strong black coffee and add it to your bath.


You have selected your herbs and other ingredients and you have decided on the purpose and the duration of your uncrossing. Now it’s time to actually perform it! 

So here is how to take an uncrossing bath:
  1. Take a pot and fill it with water[spacer height=”20px”]
  2. Boil the water[spacer height=”20px”]
  3. Take the first of your ingredients in your hands. Talk to it and ask it to help remove all the known and unknown crossed conditions from your life (or the specific area of life you have chosen to focus on, or the specific situation you think is crossed). Thank it for its help and add it to the boiling water. Do the same for all the herbs.[spacer height=”20px”]
  4. Boil the mix for a few minutes until you have a pot of herbal tea. Then strain the herbs.[spacer height=”20px”]
  5. If you have any ingredients other than herbs, this is the time to add them (after asking them for their help like you did with the herbs). Juice the lemon, add the salt etc.[spacer height=”20px”]
  6. Once everything has been mixed let the mixture cool down a little and then take a bath like you normally do.[spacer height=”20px”]
  7. Once you’re physically clean, light two white candles (one on either side of your bathtub or shower) and then step into the bathtub/shower again. Optionally, you can anoint the candles with uncrossing oil before lighting them.[spacer height=”20px”]
  8. Take the mixture and pour it over your head. At this point you can pray from your heart for all crossed conditions to be removed, petition your patron deity, or use a traditional in hoodoo uncrossing prayer like Psalm 37 (if you believe your crossed conditions are purely the result of a curse) or Psalm 51 (if you believe that you are at least partly responsible for your crossed conditions).[spacer height=”20px”] You can also use the Headless rite or any other prayer you like that asks for the removal of curses and crossed conditions.[spacer height=”20px”]
  9. Once you’re done, you have two options: you can rinse yourself off or you can just step out of the bath and allow yourself to air-dry. The latter is usually done because by air-drying, part of the mixture will stay on you and will continue acting to uncross you until the next bath. [spacer height=”20px”]At this point you can blow out the candles. If it’s the last day then let them burn completely if you can. You can move them to a different place after the bath if you need to, so they can burn without being a fire hazard.[spacer height=”20px”]
  10. Whether you decide to rinse yourself off or air dry, after the bath you need to fill the vacuum that has been created from the removal of the nasty stuff (I’ve written about how to do this here).

In addition to the uncrossing bath, you may want to also do a house cleansing by adding some of the same mixture into a bucket of water and mopping the floor (remember to ask the herbs to cleanse your home in this case). This will help the results of the uncrossing to be more concrete and last longer, because the house cleansing will remove any nastiness that has seeped into your space that -if not cleared- could drag you back down again.

Have you ever performed an uncrossing? What kind? Did it have noticeable positive effects in your life? Leave a comment below and let me know!


Written by Scarlet