Anxiety Hacks: How To Ground Your Heart

Anxiety Hacks: How To Ground Your Heart

Most of you are familiar with the process of grounding, the process where you connect to the center of the earth and let everything unwanted, harmful and painful drain out, before drawing the energy of the earth into your energy body.

Today I’m going to talk about grounding the heart.


About a year ago, a spirit from my spirit court recommended that I ground my heart directly to the earth.

See I tend to develop a block in my heart that stops part of the energy from flowing into my heart. This creates emotional pain (usually not even connected to something that is happening right now, but my mind will find past traumas to remember that match the emotional pain in the present), panic attacks, hopelessness and a feeling of being utterly powerless to change anything (I suppose this is because the block is between the heart and the solar plexus, essentially cutting my heart off from my personal power).

Simple as it sounds, grounding the heart is by far the best practice I’ve found to clear this issue almost instantly.

If you have a block in the heart yourself, if you’re feeling miserable, if you’re in the middle of emotionally painful events, this will help you feel better. In addition to that, if you have anxiety or internal issues for not feeling happy with yourself most of the time, like feeling you don’t deserve good things, or that you always have to struggle for anything good to happen, this grounding technique for anxiety and panic attacks may be just what you need.

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You may also find great benefit in it if you are in the category of people who often feel they don’t truly belong (this feeling where you are with a group of friends, with your classmates, with your coworkers, family etc and you feel like an impostor, like you’re only there because people tolerate your presence, not because you’re truly a valuable member of the group that people love having with them and see as one of them, which is how many people with childhood traumas, social anxiety or people who have been bullied in the past feel).


  1. Unlike regular grounding, where it’s usually best to be seated on the ground or on a chair with your back straight, I’ve found grounding your heart works best when you’re leaning forward a little bit, or even better, when you’re lying on your chest.
  2. Create a grounding cord in your mind. This can look like anything you like: an actual cord or rope, a hose, a tree root, whatever works for you. If you’re not sure what works for you, feel free to experiment, trying something different every day until you settle on one that seems to work best for you. You may even find that different things work differently for you on different days, so feel free to experiment. Whatever you chose (unless it’s pure energy streaming downwards), you should imagine the inside of it as hollow and lined with an extremely slippery material.
  3. In your mind, take one end of your cord in your hands and start noticing all the details about it. How thick is it? Does it feel rough to the touch? What color is it?
  4. Insert one end of it in your heart chakra. If you feel it will fall out then tie a knot on that end and after you insert it, see yourself tugging at it lightly and noticing that it’s secured in place.
  5. Look at the other end of it. If it helps, you can see it penetrating a heavy metal ball and coming out the other end. This will secure it to the center of the earth when you throw it down.
  6. Take that end in your hands and throw it down. See it going through layers and layers of rocks extremely fast, until it reaches the center of the earth.
  7. At this point, everything that you are holding in your heart that doesn’t belong there or is causing you problems should automatically start flowing through your cord and into the center of the earth.You usually don’t have to do anything; the draining happens automatically. If you have a particular issue that has been troubling you though, or a person that’s making you sad or miserable, you can see them being sucked into your cord and taken to the center of the earth. This is the imprint of the person on you, or their energies left inside you that are affecting you, not the actual person. They won’t be harmed by this process.If it makes you feel better, you can see their form that went down your cord turned into pure energy by the center of the earth, and returned to the person on the surface).
  8. When you’re done, you can destroy your cord (you can use an identical one next time if you like) or you can leave it there all day, to continue draining out anything harmful or unwanted you may come across that tries to stick to you.


That’s it! You have grounded your heart! 😀

This process works with any chakra, so if you feel you need to unblock something else feel free to try it with the other chakras as well. You can also ground more than one chakra at a time by doing the process once for each chakra, or ground yourself normally and then ground a specific chakra. Experiment and see what works for you.

Do you ground as part of your daily practice? Have you tried grounding one specific chakra? Did you find it helpful?

Let me know in the comments!

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