How To Raise Your Money Set Point & Start Thinking Like A Rich Person!

How to Raise Your Money Mindset

How to raise your money set point and start thinking like a rich person so that you can manifest money!

What’s a money set-point, you ask?

We’ll get to that in a bit!

Money and love are the two main things people want to manifest when they first hear about the law of attraction.

I have many articles on how to manifest love (even a specific person!) so today it’s time to talk about the other big desire most people have:

MONEY! $$$

So without further ado, let’s talk about money!

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The first thing you need to know is that manifesting money isn’t different or harder than manifesting any other desire you have. 

If you know how to do imagining sessions, or use affirmations, or scripting, or any other manifestation technique, you can use these to manifest anything including money. 

The secret to manifesting anything though is to be able to imagine the kind of person you would be if you already had your desire, and to be able to fully step into this new version of yourself. 

And this is where most people get stuck, especially when it comes to manifesting money. 

See, every person has a set point when it comes to money.

This set point is like an inner thermostat that switches on when you have too little money and you need to start fretting, and switches off when you have enough money so that you can stop worrying and working hard to acquire more. 

Here’s where it gets tricky though:

If growing up, your family didn’t have a lot of money, then this set point or inner thermostat is programmed to switch off way below the income level you probably want. 

This makes total sense, because your money set point is directly connected to your identity, who you think you are and what you believe is normal for you to have. 

If you are a multi-milionaire and you are used to making at least $1 million a year for example, this is your set point.

If suddenly you start making less and you end up making only half a million this year, then your inner thermostat  will turn on to alert you that you are below your set point, and you will do everything in your power to get back to that set point. 

If you are doing well enough to be able to always pay your bills in time every month then this is your set point.

If suddenly something happens and you can’t pay your bills, your inner thermostat will turn on to alert you that you are below your set point, and you will do everything in your power to get back to that set point. 

If not being able to pay your bills in time is the norm for you, but at least you always pay your rent, this is your set point.

And if suddenly things take a turn for the worse and you cannot pay rent, then your inner thermostat  will turn on to alert you that you are below your set point, and you will do everything in your power to get back to that set point. 

So no matter what your set point is, when you go below it all the alarms go off and you do everything in your power to return to your set point. 

But here’s the other things all of these cases – the millionare, the relatively stable financially person and the perpetually broke but able to pay rent person- have in common:

In all three cases, once you get back to your set point, the alarms turn off and you stop trying to do better financially. 

The millionaire will do eveything in their power to get back to making roughly $1 million per year, and when they get there they will relax, because this is their set point. This is their normal. 

The person who is relatively well-off will do their best to get back to their former financial state where they can pay all their bills in time every month, and once they get there, they will relax. 

The perpetually broke person will do anything in their power to be able to afford rent once again, and when they get there, they will relax. 

And that’s because the set point acts like a rubber band.

It doesn’t just pull you up towards it when you fall below it. It also down towards it if you exceed it. 

That’s why there are people who were millionaires, lost everything and re-created their fortune from scratch in just a few years. 

And that’s also why there are people who were always broke and then they won the lottery big-time, and a few years later they were as broke as they were before winning. 

The setpoint will always pull you towards it, and towards what you think is normal for you, whether that normal is something you enjoy or not. 

But here’s the good thing: 

Set points are supernatural forces you can’t beat, or anything like that.

Your set point is determined by your beliefs around money. If you change your beliefs, you can raise your setpoint.

And you won’t just prosper financially, you will be a new person with a higher setpoint, always pulling you towards that higher level of income automatically, just like your old set point was pulling you down automatically. 

So let’s find your current money set point, and then I’m going to tell you what you can do to change it! 

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To find your current set point, here’s what you need to do:


First of all, what is the bare minimum of incoming money you could accept having right now? 

For example, let’s say you are looking for a job, and that job is going to be your only income.

What’s the lowest salary you would agree to? The number you wouldn’t be willing to go any lower than that, no matter what. 

Got it? 

Great, let’s move on. 


Now take that number and start adding to it.

I don’t know how high or how low your initial number is, so start adding to it in $10 increments, $100 increments or $1000 depending on what makes sense in your case.

Of course if you are from another country then adjust the amounts to what makes sense in your currency. 

Set’s say for example that your bare minimum amount is $2000 per month, and you will be adding to your amount in $1000 increments. 

So add $1000 to your bare minimum number and check how this feels. How does it feel to you to be making $3000 per month?



Pretty ok?


Then add another $1000 and again, check how you feel. 

Keep adding until you reach an amount that suddenly feels uncomfortable for some reason.

This may be a physical feeling of constriction or worry, or it may be a thought in your head, for example “wow, I can’t even imagine how much the people who make that much money pay in taxes!”, or “this is ridiculous, there’s no way I could ever make that much money!” or anything like that. 

Did you reach that uncomfortable to you amount?

Then congratulations my friend!

You have found your financial ceiling!

Your set point is an amount between the last amount and the amount right before that. 

So if the last comfortable amount was $8000 for example and when you got to $9000 you started feeling uncomfortable, your set point is on or around $8000. 

Now as I mentioned earlier, your money set point isn’t some kind of mysterious supernatural power you cannot overcome.

Your money set point is determined by your beliefs.

Change the beliefs that are keeping your money set point low, and you will automatically change your money set point!


money set point dollars

Now here’s how to figure out what limiting beliefs are keeping you at that set point. 

Now that you found the amount where you start feeling uncomfortable, add a few thousands to it so it gets really uncomfortable.

Then get a piece of paper and write down all the reasons why it feels uncomfortable or unattainable to you. 

For example, your list of limiting beliefs can look like this: 

“That’s too much money!”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

“I’d have to work 6 jobs to ever make that much money!”

“Dealing with taxes for so much money would be a nightmare!”

“No one can make that much money without a college degree and I don’t have one!”

“No one can make that much money unless they are ruthless and don’t care about the consequences their actions have for the lives of other people!”

“You can’t be making that much money and still be spiritual!”

“Rich people are evil!”

“The bible says that rich people will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

“If I started making that much money then I’d constantly worry that someone would rob me.”

“What if I made that much money and I could finally relax, but then I lost it all?”

“It would be worse than never having that much money in the first place!”

“I don’t deserve that much money.”

Something else you also need to look into is this:

Most people believe that money changes people, and they are right.

If you are struggling financially, then the person you are right now cannot ever be rich.

You literally have to become a different person in order to manifest the life you want. And I don’t mean externally.

I mean your thoughts and your beliefs need to change, and you need to start living from the end result you want in order to manifest lasting financial prosperity. 

But when you actually raise your set point significantly -which means you also raise your income significantly- there are things that change in your physical world too.

And a common subconscious obstacle is that many people are afraid of losing what they currently have. 

For example, most people have friends that have a similar set point to theirs.

If a person starts raising their set point, the people around them usually try to pull them back.

It’s usually not out of malice; they just want to protect their friend or their brother from dreaming big and having his dreams crushed. 

This is common behavior no matter what kind of change you want to make in your life.

Believe it or not, this is actually a very easy problem to overcome.

You just use a visualization (imaginal scene) in which you have not just been rich for some time now, but you also are enjoying yourself with all your friends.

This is why I always insist that you create an imaginal scene of your desire having already manifested instead of a scene where your desire is manifesting.

Because if you go AFTER the point where your desire has already manifested, you can imagine your life going forward devoid of any of the problems you may be worried about now, like losing your friends or becoming a heartless and evil person.

This not only gives you peace of mind now so that you can actually manifest all the money your heart desires without having to deal with such blocks but it also ensures that you will keep all your friends and that you will be a good person too (because those elements are part of your imaginal scene as much as the money is, so they will all manifest).


dollars $$$

Now it’s time to dive dive into those fear of change type of beliefs because you need to get them out of the way if you are to raise your money mindset. 

So a few very common subconscious fears people have around becoming rich are the following: 

“My friends won’t like me anymore and will abandon me.”

“Everyone will be asking me for money and I will have no choice but to give it to them, so I won’t get to enjoy my money.”

“If I have enough money I’ll move to a better area of the city, but even though it’s crappy here all my friends are here and if I move away I won’t be able to hang out with them regularly anymore.”

“In movies, rich kids are spoiled and obnoxious, and I don’t want my children to become like that.”

So take a piece of paper and write down all the fears that come up when you think about making and having a lot of money.


After you have found all the reasons why you can’t have that much money and all the reasons why it would be bad to have that much money, it’s time to start raising your money mindset!

Take each statement and turn it into a new, positive statement.

Also, spend a few minutes thinking what you would actually like to see manifested in your reality when it comes to money. 

Remember, you are god of your reality!

No matter how many times you’ve heard stuff such as “making money is difficult” or “money doesn’t grow on trees”, your reality doesn’t have to work like that!

You decide what happens in your reality, so you can make new rules that work for you! 

For example, you can decide that the less you work, the more money you make.

Or that the more money you spend, the more money comes to you. 

Here’s a personal example of that from my life:

A couple of years ago I decided the more I enjoy myself when I’m on vacation, the more money I make.

Ever since then, whenever I’m away on a trip enjoying myself, I always make more money than usual.

And that’s money I didn’t have to work for at all!

Someone will remember that they owned me money and pay me back, or more people than usual will buy some of my courses that are self-paced and don’t contain live classes or calls, or I’ll get a tax return I didn’t expend, I’ll win money on a scratch ticket…it can be anything!

But it always happens, like clockwork!

So take all those negative beliefs you discovered earlier, all the reasons why money was difficult to make up until now and all the reasons why your old self believed it would be bad to have that much money and turn them into positive statements.

Turn them into new beliefs.

And include the new rules you created about how money shows up in your reality too. 


Here’s an example of a positive list of new beliefs that I came up with by re-writing the limiting beliefs and fears I mentioned earlier in this article:

“Money flows to me abundantly and constantly.”

“I naturally pull in money like a magnet. It is easy for me to make money.”

“I am extremely talented at making money.”

“I love money and money loves me.”

My friends and family are happy and proud for me that I make so much money. In fact, my success inspires other people to overcome their limitations and raise their money mindset too!”

“I deserve all this money and success that now flows into my life.”

“I am the god of my reality and I can have everything I want.”

“Money is spiritual because everything in my reality is a projection and a manifestation of my mind, including money.”

“The less I work, the more money comes to me.”

I am always safe and secure because the whole of reality is me pushed out, so I am the one who calls the shots!”

“I always get to enjoy my money.”

“The more money I spend, the more money comes to me.” 

Once you have your list, spend 10 or 15 minutes reading it to yourself every morning and every night, and if you can, at one more point within the day, whenever it is convenient to you. For example during your lunch break, after getting home from work, or before hitting the gym. 

Do that for at least 2 weeks and preferrably for a whole month, and you’ll notice things in your reality will start changing when it comes to money. 

I hope this article helped you understand how manifesting money works a bit better!

If you need some extra help or my personal advice for YOUR situation, you can always book a coaching session with me 🙂

Written by Scarlet