How To Use Dissatisfaction As A Superpower

How To Use Dissatisfaction As A Superpower

This post is part of an ongoing series on how to Raise Your Havingness Level. If you want to know what the Havingness Level is, how to find yours, or simply read the series from the beginning, go to Raise Your Havingness Level: Introduction.

Last week we talked about Dissatisfaction and how it isn’t actually a bad thing, but a really really good thing. I also gave you an exercise to help you start noticing whenever you are dissatisfied with anything, and remind yourself that it is actually a good thing.

But how can you actually start using dissatisfaction to your benefit?

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The tool I’m going to show you today is at the same time the simplest tool ever given to me and the one that changed my life the most. I’m not even half-kidding here. Since I found this, not only have I never felt ungrateful or like asking for too much, but all kinds of situations -from the most simple and mundane ones to the most complex- have started shifting in front of my eyes. Even things I had repeatedly used magic to achieve but hadn’t managed to get the full results I wanted so I put them on pause to revisit in the future started going my way on their own after using this.

And it’s truly something that only takes a few seconds to do and is so simple even a three-year-old can learn how to do it.

The tool is just a simple question from Access Consciousness (or two, depending which form you choose to use):

“How does it get even better than this?”®


“How does it get even better than this? What else is possible?”®

Yep, they are actually copyrighted, so just in case it wasn’t clear, these questions belong to Access Consciousness, not me. I’m just presenting them to you because they -and other Access tools- truly changed my life and are still changing my life every day.

A few of the things that happened in my life simply by using this one tool are:

  • I had this really important for me package stuck in customs for over 2 months. My experience has shown that if some isn’t here within a month from the day it shipped, it won’t ever arrive (no matter if it’s lost or just stuck somewhere). So I had this package, that appeared to be stuck in customs for a month and a half, and it was really important for me to get it, and get it without customs confiscating or even opening anything, lest it got destroyed (W&G package, in case you are wondering). Furthermore, they never keep any of my packages in customs like that, so this one being there for so long meant they found something in it that shouldn’t have been there. Which would mean trouble for me.I did everything I could to ensure it wouldn’t get lost or stuck like that, yet it did. I then did everything I could think of to make sure it started moving again, but alas, nothing. I couldn’t even get anyone to pick up the phone and tell me WHY it got stuck in the first place. I remembered to ask “How does it get any better that this?” before going to bed one night. By that time, I already considered the package lost to me. The following morning, all of a sudden the package tracking had received 4 updates, and within 3 days it was here.AND IT HADN’T BEEN OPENED AT ALL!!! I already considered it a miracle that it had started moving again; I was counting on something arriving opened. I was just hoping it wasn’t something that shouldn’t have been opened at all, or something that would require specific timing or a specific process to be opened the right way (considering how many W&G oils are actually spirits, this is always a possibility).
  • Remember when I mentioned recently I used more magic than was needed in a situation, causing it to implode? This was a long-term kind of thing, and after having to undo everything I had done just to bring it back to almost zero, I didn’t know what to do to move it in the direction I wanted it to go. So I used this question at some point when absent-mindedly thinking about another long-term issue in my life that required me to work on a strategy for a solution. Within 3 hours, someone showed up in my life out of the blue, and without them even knowing about any of the two issues, they basically took care of both of them at once. No long-term strategy, no effort, nothing! I couldn’t have thought of this solution even if I tried! And get that: the way it happened, the person actually believes they owe ME a favor!
  • I got an iPhone. No long accompanying story here; I just remembered last week that I wanted to manifest a free or cheap iPhone a few years back but ended up having to buy a cheaper phone, and asked the question (my phone was under a year old, so no plans of upgrading yet). Then my phone died out of the blue, a few days after the warranty expired, and I managed to find a second-hand iPhone in pristine condition, bought less than two months ago, for $200 less than anyone else was selling that particular model.

You can hear the co-founder of Access Consciousness talk about it in this short clip:

Or if you’re more the Youtube type, you can watch this:


How To Make The Most Out Of This Tool

First of all, this tool isn’t a “positive thinking” kind of tool. It does not require you to be in any specific mood or vibration or whatever for it to work. You can use it no matter how you are feeling.

I repeat:

You do not have to think positively or anything like that for it to work.

You can ask the question while throwing objects to people or against the wall if that’s what’s happening in your life when your brain reminds you you could try asking the questions (if you’re wondering if I have truly done that, I will not confirm or deny it 😛 ).

Ok, now that we got this out of the way, on to the next very important thing to keep in mind:

You just ASK the question. You don’t try to ANSWER it.

Seriously, don’t.

You’ll just get your brain to give you all the reasons something is crap right now and will always be like crap. Don’t try to answer the question. It’s not about the answer. It’s about the question. Just ask the question and move on to whatever else you are supposed to be doing (like going to work, washing the dishes, whatever).

But How Does This Help Raise Your Havingness Level?

All that is great, but the purpose of this series is to help you raise your havingness level, right? So how does this tie into this?

Well (especially for those of you who skipped the video above), here’s how:

You don’t ask the question only for things that are crap. You ask the question for EVERYTHING.

You can look at something that’s going great in your life and ask the question. You can look at your brand-new car and ask the question. What it does is it unlocks possibilities.

It’s not a crap fixer kind of tool (although it can come in very handy in those kinds of situations). It’s a key to something better, no matter how good or bad something is. It’s a key to something better even if something is going so well for you that you can’t possibly imagine HOW it could ever get any better.

In fact, if you cannot think of a way for something to get even better than it currently is, that’s exactly when this tool can help you raise your havingness level.  Why?


I know many of you may not even try this because it sounds way too simple -or even fluffy- to you. I sincerely hope you give it a try before you reject it.

You don’t have to take my work for it; just do it for a couple of weeks (so that it can become a habit and not just something you may remember to do 1-2 times a day) and then look back and see if anything has changed since you started this.


If you like the tool and want to learn more about it and what else Access Consciousness can help you with, I highly recommend the book Being You, Changing The World by Dr Dain Heer. It’s the best book I read this year, and it’s at the same time simple to understand and brilliant in creating change in your life.

Try it and don’t hesitate to message me or leave a comment and share your experience. I’m sincerely very excited to hear how it goes for you! And don’t forget to subscribe if you don’t want to miss the next installment in the Raise Your Havingness Level Series!

Until next week!

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