How To Use Scripting To Manifest Your Dream Life

How to use scripting to manifest your dream life

There are many different ways to manifest the things you desire into reality. There is candle magic, sigils, working with spirits, visualisation, just to mention of a few.

Today, I want to show you a very simple method to manifest your dream life into reality.

It is very simple, anyone can do it and it requires no strange or expensive materials.

All you are going to need is pen and paper.

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Scripting is a journaling technique where you write the story of whatever it is you want to manifest as if it’s already happened.

You can use it to manifest a specific thing you want (like a vacation or a raise for example) or something you desire in one area of your life, or you can use it to manifest big, long-term goals.



The first thing you need is to decide on what you’re trying to manifest.

Are you going to script a specific thing, like a vacation in two months from now for example?

Or maybe you want to manifest a new lover or more cool people to hang out with.

Another way to do scripting is to write about a day in your dream life. To get an idea of that, image that it is a year or five years from now, and you have already manifested everything that the current you reading this post desires.

What would your life look like?


Grab your pen and paper and write about what you want to manifest as if it’s already manifested.

Let’s say for example that you want to manifest a trip to Paris within the next three months. You may write something like this:

“Oh my god, I’m sooooo happy we are on vacation in France! I can’t believe I’m actually in Paris! I’ve dreamed about visiting Paris ever since I was little, and now it’s finally happening! Everyone is so friendly and nice here, and the food is amazing! Earlier we had breakfast at this cute little bistrot by the river, and now we’re going to visit the Eiffel tower.”

I’d probably write a lot more if I was actually trying to manifest a trip to Paris, but you got the idea.

Write as if it’s happening right now, or as if it’s already happened in the past (eg. “I remember that incredible trip to Paris six months ago. My hotel room was so amazing, and the food was delicious….”).

If you are doing scripting to manifest your dream life, then just describe a typical day in your dream life. What time do you wake up? What do you do after getting out of bed? Where do you live? What does your house look like? Do you go to work or do you work from home (or are you retired)? Do you have pets? Kids?

That’s it! That’s all there is to this technique!

But let me give you a few tips to get the most out of it:


Focus on the details as much as possible, but without getting into the how.

In the trip to Paris example above for example focus on describing how cute the cafes by the river are, what french food you’re having for breakfast etc. Don’t focus on how you managed to go to Paris in the first place. If you do, it will probably create stress and resistance and it will also limit the ways it can manifest in your life.


Focus as much as possible on the feelings you would have if what you’re writing had actually happened. Are you excited? Happy? Grateful? The feelings are what fuel the manifestation in this technique, so make sure you write in a way that sparks positive emotions of excitement, gratitude and joy.

If your first draft doesn’t evoke powerful positive emotions in you, scrap it and try again until you end up with a version that truly lights you up!


Write your script by hand, using actual pen and paper. The act of writing it down physically helps a lot in terms of how easily and fast it will manifest. You can always make a digital copy afterwards if you want.


Read your script daily or as often as you want, to put yourself in alignment with your desire and to fuel it with your positive emotions.

That’s it! Now go and script something amazing in your life!

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Written by Scarlet