I am fire

So the dream weirdness after the Headless Rite continues. After Walking Down the Street of the Gods, last night I dreamt I was Fire.

It is difficult to put into words really.

I didn’t shift into a body made of fire (although this was part of the experience).

There is physical fire and then there’s elemental Fire, fire as a fundamental building block of reality. Physical fire is just one manifestation of elemental fire. One small part of something much bigger.

So in my dream, I was elemental Fire.

And I kept shifting, changing into different manifestations of fire, exploring each and every one of them.

Some of them were physical manifestations (my body turned into fire) while others were emotional (passion, rage etc). Some of them were more complicated (the Fire in sex, which is a multi-level manifestation of fire).

The rest of them are impossible to put into words, and range from “I can recall the experience, I just have no way of explaining it in any way that would make sense to anyone else” to “I remember there was something else, but it was so impossibly outside of what my brain is able to process, that the memory is lost because my brain couldn’t find anything even remotely familiar it could connect it to”.

And then I shifted into other things, in order to experience the different manifestations of fire from an outside point of view (I shifted into an incense stick, for example, to feel how it is when fire makes it burn).

In the end, I remember saying:

“I am the Burning One, and though I burn eternally, fire cannot harm me, for I am Fire!”

And I woke up.

Have you ever shifted into an element like that in a dream? Let me know in the comments!


Written by Scarlet