I’m back!

Unseen Seraph is back

Hey guys!

It’s been a long time since I updated this blog. So what happened?

I was all set to start the #domagick challenge when the preliminary rituals I did to test the waters caused a torrent of change. There were too many things happening all at once, and nothing I felt comfortable writing publicly about. And I didn’t even get to officially start the actual challenge! Which goes to show that you can never be sure what to expect when you use magic to change something.

Some of the things that happened since I last updated this blog:

  • I changed my hair color.
  • I accidentally used way too much magic in a situation, which made it implode. It’s back to normal now, but I had to undo everything I had done to influence it, and even so it still took almost 4 months to get back to normal.
  • I went 2 whole months without doing any kind of ritual. Probably because of the burnout from the situation above.
  • I managed to overcome some blocks, both inner and outer ones, that had been bugging me for a very long time.
  • I managed to heal some emotional wounds that I hadn’t been able to heal before.
  • I had an impossible amount of crazy dreams. Like for example the one featuring George Takei, who was explaining to me how Japanese air conditioners work by replicating ninjutsu moves; a different move for a different degree of temperature. Or the one where someone invented an automatic revolving egging machine and then used cursed eggs to get back at people. Or the one where someone who hates me tried to bless me by giving me a pair of black see-through fingerless opera gloves laced with hoodoo love powders. Or…ok, you get the point.

Also, as you have already noticed, the blog has a whole new look!

I thought since so many things changed, it was time for the website to change too. It took me a while to make all the changes and though I double-checked everything to make sure it works, if you notice anything not showing up properly or not working correctly, please message me so that I can fix it 🙂

There will also be a new focus for the blog from now on. I will still post about magic and sorcery, but from now on there will be an ongoing series of posts focused on getting unstuck, overcoming inner limitations and raising the havingness level.

So stay tuned for more updates coming very soon!

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Written by Scarlet