Jupiter Global Rite: A blessing for You

Jupiter Global Rite

Being a student in Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery course, I get to participate in the global rites. The latest rite was to be performed between August 1st – 3rd and it was a Jupiter rite. Jupiter is associated with finances, money, prosperity, well-being and sovereignty. Since sharing the blessings is an important part of my work with Jupiter, I asked that he extends his grace towards everyone who reads this post (regardless of when that happens; so if you are reading this and it’s been years since it was originally posted, it’s still active). This is not the same as participating in the global rite of course, and I cannot say what kind of blessing each person is going to receive. It might be financial or it might not. It might be small or it might be big.

Since I don’t want to enforce blessings upon people who didn’t ask for them (cause, you know, sovereignty and all), if you actually want to receive it, all you have to do is read the hymn that is right under this paragraph (it’s the Orphic Hymn to Jupiter, in case you want to read it but don’t want to receive the blessing).

 O Jove much-honor’d, Jove supremely great,
To thee our holy rites we consecrate,

Our pray’rs and expiations, king divine,
For all things round thy head exalted shine.
The earth is thine, and mountains swelling high, 5
The sea profound, and all within the sky.
Saturnian king, descending from above,
Magnanimous, commanding, sceptred Jove;
All-parent, principle and end of all,
Whose pow’r almighty, shakes this earthly ball; 10
Ev’n Nature trembles at thy mighty nod,
Loud-sounding, arm’d with light’ning, thund’ring God.
Source of abundance, purifying king,
O various-form’d from whom all natures spring;
Propitious hear my pray’r, give blameless health, 15
With peace divine, and necessary wealth.

(Orphic Hymn to Jupiter. Translated from Greek by Thomas Taylor)

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Written by Scarlet