Releasing Limitations From The Body: Matrix Reimprinting

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In the previous installment of the Raise Your Havingness Level series, we talked about EFT and I mentioned how I find it a very useful technique to learn because it is used in another healing method I have tried that I found extremely effective.

That method is called Matrix Reimprinting, and this is what I’m going to talk about today.

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Matrix Reimprinting is a form Meridian Tapping Therapy (based on EFT) developed by Karl Dawson.

The method focuses on transforming painful memories that keep people stuck in the past. The transformation of these painful memories can improve the person’s life in the present.

People have used this method to overcome emotional issues such as anxiety and negative beliefs, health issues such as allergies, remove money blocks, improve relationships etc.

Matrix Reimprinting is effective in addressing the root of an issue, by finding where the problem started (even if it is very far in the past, or even in the womb or in a past life) and releasing it there, therefore changing the whole Matrix of your reality.


Although there are Matrix Reimprinting practitioners you can book a session with (both in person and online), you can easily learn the technique yourself from the author’s book “Matrix Reimprinting using EFT: Rewrite Your Past, Transform Your Future”.

The method is easy to learn and doesn’t require any tools.

The only prerequisite is to know how to do EFT, but if you don’t it’s very easy to learn how to do it online in a few minutes, and the book has a section that teaches you how to do EFT anyway, so you don’t need another book for that. You can also read my post about EFT and how to learn how to do it. 

There are a few variations of the Matrix Reimprinting method, depending on what you’re trying to address (whether it is one isolated incident that caused the trauma or a large memory with different traumatic events in it for example), all of which are explained step-by-step in the book.

The book also has many case studies from the authors’ practice, which help demonstrate how to use the method in a variety of cases and for a variety of different problems.


I really liked Matrix Reimprinting. The book was interesting to read and the method truly works.

In Matrix Reimprinting, you step into a memory, find your self that is in the memory (at the age they were when it happened) called an ECHO and tap on them in the memory while at the same time you (or a practitioner) taps on your physical self at the same time.

In Matrix Reimprinting, every traumatic event has an ECHO, a version of the person that is stuck in that memory/point in time.

What you are trying to do is to release the trauma from that past version of you and then talk with them to find out what they want and need to completely heal this and be happy. The method of working with the ECHO strongly reminds me of shamanic soul retrieval.

I tried it on something simple just to see how it would go, a memory from when I was 11 that -although not really traumatic or intense in any way- somehow stuck with me all these years, giving me a feeling of heaviness every time I thought about it.

When I reached the part where I had to ask the ECHO what she needs and wants, things took a surprising turn.

She asked me to bring a specific person there. When I brought the person she asked for, the interaction between them was completely out of my control and extremely surprising, resulting in the healing of a core wound I’ve been trying -and failing- to heal practically all my life.

That core wound resulted in more trauma a few years later, and that hasn’t completely cleared yet (mainly because I haven’t gone into that memory yet to heal it), but there were some things I found really surprising.

Sometimes you have to enter into a series of memories until you find the first one, the one that if changed, will shift the rest of them up to the present.

First of all, my dream self caught up right away.

Let’s call the original would point A and the additional trauma from a few years later point B. Any weird dream based on that trauma I have now starts from what previously was point B.Point A doesn’t exist anymore, my dream self takes for granted that the rewritten memory after the Reimprinting is what truly happened. Point B is now the starting point, and it’s also very different in quality. It carries only a small part of the charge it used to carry.

In addition to that, I am very different in the dream memories of point B.

Point A created core beliefs that were cemented by the experiences in point B. Now that point A was completely re-written, those core beliefs never existed when I reached point B, so my dream mind is literally showing me how I would have experienced point B if point A had never been. Which -by itself- creates a whole new point B memory.

I was resisting going into either point A or B to try the method because it was too painful and I hadn’t had much success with other methods, and now I keep putting off going into point B with Matrix Reimprinting because it doesn’t feel so important anymore. It isn’t as emotionally charged as it used to be.

The other surprising thing is how my waking self also mostly believes the new memory is what happened.

Unless I’m making an effort to look at it directly (like I’m doing right now in order to write this post), the new memory is the actual memory in my mind. I had tried to re-write that memory before but it always felt fake and forced. This time, my ECHO re-wrote the whole memory in a way that my current self accepts as real and true without any effort on my part.

Overall, I am very impressed with how effective Matrix Reimprinting is and I highly recommend it.

Have you tried Matrix Reimprinting? What was your experience with it? Let me know in the comments!


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