The One Thing That Can Turbocharge Your Banishing

the one thing that can turbocharge your banishing

Banishing and cleansing are two of the most fundamental practices in magic and witchcraft, and oftentimes the first practices one learns when they start their magical journey. This is totally normal, considering how important it is to be able to cleanse and protect yourself from negative influences.

In fact, many people start their magical journey exactly because they feel there is something blocking them or some kind of negative energy disrupting their lives and they want to learn how to remove it and how to protect themselves from further attacks.

I’ve already written about 8 different banishing methods, depending on what it is you are banishing (energy, spirit, enemies from your life etc).

Some of these banishing methods are purely energy-based while others require physical materia (oils, powders, candles etc).

Regardless of whether they require physical materia or not though, they are all effective if you pick the right one for your situation and execute it correctly.


However, there is one crucial step that most people are missing, which often makes the banishing not last very long!


This isn’t a part of the banishing per se, which is why it wasn’t mentioned in my banishing post and you probably won’t see it mentioned in other posts and articles about banishing that you’ll see online. 

In fact, it’s something that most experienced practitioners of magic will automatically do after banishing. Which is why you won’t see it mentioned in those posts.

Many of you messaged me though about trying one of the banishing methods I provided, and from your comments, I have come to realize that this step is something one doesn’t automatically think to do and I need to make a separate post to address this properly.


So what is this step you’re missing?

Here’s the deal:

When you banish something from a place (a spirit, energy etc) as well as when you take a cleansing bath, you remove something.

Regardless of what that something was, a vacuum or empty spot is created where this spirit/energy used to be. And as we all know, nature abhors a vacuum.

This means that -if left as it is- this vacuum will be filled.

What will it be filled with? Who knows really! Most likely with whatever is available nearby. That may be nice happy energies, but it also includes possibly hostile spirits, the energy of your neighbors fighting, another unwanted person taking the place of the one you just banished etc. It may even be with the exact same thing you just banished!

And that would make all this effort you went into to banish for nothing. Doesn’t sound fun, right?


So what’s the missing step to ensure your banishing holds?


To prevent any random thing from coming in and occupying the newly freed up spaces the banishing or cleansing created, you have to fill that void with things you actually want!

Yep, it’s that simple!

Just pick the kinds of things you want (money, love, a peaceful home, protection etc) and call that in right after your cleansing and/or banishing, so that there will be no vacuum to attract all kinds of random things in!


And there are tons of ways to do that! 


Here are a few suggestions:

  • Get one tealight for every room of your house plus a condition oil for something positive that you want (love, protection, peace etc). If you don’t have any special oils just use olive oil. Anoint the candles and ask them to fill in all the empty spaces with whatever it is you wish. Then light one tealight in each room of your house and let them burn completely and fill your space with your desired energies.


  • Instead of or in addition to the above, there are many incense blends meant to bring in blessings of all kinds (often you will find an incense blend for each condition oil formula, so there are blends for love, money, peace, luck etc). Just light the incense on charcoal and walk around fanning the smoke in every room like you would if banishing, but ask for the specific blessings of the incense blend (love for example) to infuse the place. Make sure to cover all corners.


  • If ecstatic dancing or music is part of your practice, you can pick a song that has the energies you decide and dance around the house raising energy and infusing every room with it. The same can be done with singing.


  • Pick a floral water (rose water is my favorite but go with what you like). Ask it to bring your desired blessings to your space (name the blessings you want specifically), then walk around the house sprinkling the floral water in every corner and at the center of every room.


If you banished energies from yourself rather than from a place, then you can do any of those things on yourself instead (anoint yourself with a condition oil instead of tealights, fan the incense blend smoke all over your body, dance and sing to the tune of an upbeat song you love, anoint yourself with the floral water etc).

And there you have it!

The one simple step that will make your banishing or cleansing last much longer and will help you avoid problems!

What is your favorite method of filling the space up with positive energies after banishing? Let me know in the comments!








Written by Scarlet