How To Release Limiting Beliefs From The Body With Access Bars

This post is part of an ongoing series on how to Raise Your Havingness Level. If you want to know what the Havingness Level is, how to find yours, or simply read the series from the beginning, go to Raise Your Havingness Level: Introduction.

In previous installments in the Raise Your Havingness Level series we talked about what the havingness level is, how dissatisfaction is actually good for you, how to know when someone is lying (or when you are lying to yourself) as well as how to deal effectively with limiting thoughts.

There are many more things I have to share with you in regards to thoughts, points of view and the havingness level, and I will get to them in the next few months.

However, we humans aren’t purely mental beings.

We may work on releasing limitations by changing our thought processes we operate from, but we also have a body.

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Think about it for a moment:

When you feel stressed, is it just your mind thinking all those thoughts that make you stressed? Or does your body clench too, reflecting the stress?

When you are afraid, is it just a mental reaction, or does your body reflect that terror too (heart rate going up, muscles clenching etc)?


We’ve all heard about psychosomatic symptoms, where the body experiences some sort of pain, illness etc because it is reflecting something that is tormenting us psychologically.

What we may not realize however is that the opposite can also be true.

While feeling miserable and having darker thoughts when we are sick or when our body is in pain is something all people are familiar with, there are other, subtler ways our body can affect our thoughts that we may not pick up on.

Our bodies hold the memories of traumatic events and specific thought patterns, which is why -when finding yourself in a situation that has a lot in common with a traumatic experience of the past or a person who caused you great grief, your body will often react (increased heart rate, panic attack, sweating etc) way before your mind has a chance to process the situation and point out the similarities between the two people or situations to you.

Sometimes, different methods that we use to change our thought patterns are successful in changing them on a mental level.

Our body though doesn’t always follow. Sometimes we need to work directly with the body to release those patterns from the body itself.

So for the next few posts, I am going to focus on a few methods I have personally had success with when it comes to releasing stuck energies and patterns from the body.

Since today is Global Access Bars Day, I’m going to talk about Access Bars and my experience with this modality.


“The Bars” is part of the Access Consciousness System. The bars are 32 points on the head that -when lightly touched- release stuck and old energies from the body, allowing for quick and easy change. These points correspond to different areas of life (like money, control, creativity, love, aging etc).

Access Bars Instructional Video and Chart

Unlike other energy healing modalities where the practitioner sends or uses specific energies, during a Bars session you don’t receive any kind of energy from the practitioner when they touch you; you release energies stuck in your body instead.

Essentially, the Bars is an energy healing modality that allows you to release your subconscious limiting beliefs easily. You don’t have to identify your limiting beliefs in order to clear them from the subconscious mind. This method will release your subconscious blockages naturally by itself. 

Here’s one of the official videos that explain what The Bars System is:


The Bars modality -although the points have a lot in common with other systems- was channeled by the founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, in 1990 and did not exist before that.


Anyone can have a Bars session and anyone -even children- can learn the modality and run other people’s bars. It is a hands-on system and healings can only be done in person and not from a distance.


A typical session lasts between 60-90 minutes, although you can ask for a shorter session if you’re in a hurry (a 20-minute one for example) and ask the practitioner to focus only on specific points that correspond to the areas of your life where you most want to see change.


A while ago I was going through a period of big shifts and changes in my life.

As it usually happens with these things, for a while it looked and felt more like my whole life was crumbling to pieces all around me rather than everything falling into place. I felt extremely stuck and nothing seemed to be working to shift me out of it. In retrospect, I see how these events were orchestrated by specific spirits I had asked help from to create some big shifts in my life, and how I needed to go through this because it forced me to give up a few things that were really keeping me stuck and that I was too afraid to willingly give up.

At the time though, it didn’t feel pleasant at all. To be honest, it felt more like dying.

I eventually realized what was going on so I at least had some consolation in the fact that this was going to lead me to what I had asked for and it wasn’t just a phase of utter destruction for nothing. Around that time, one of the aforementioned spirits pointed me towards Access Consciousness and I discovered that the Access tools really sped up the process, allowing things to fall apart and swiftly rearrange themselves in a new place that was more conducive to what I wanted.

My body though didn’t feel like it was keeping up with the rest of me.

During the day I’d be fine. My anxiety was gone, I was grounded, I was more confident, I was relaxed, everything was going well. Every night though I’d have extremely stressful, almost apocalyptic dreams (some of them literally apocalyptic, with the sun dying and horsemen wreaking havoc and other such pleasant things going on).

Around that time I read about Access Bars. The Bars is usually the first class anyone takes in Access because they increase a person’s capacity to receive. Since I had already recognized I have issues receiving in some areas of my life (aka Low Havingness Level) and since this was also a process meant to allow your body to release stuck energies and patterns, I thought it sounded like a great way to deal with both the low havingness level and the nightmares at the same time.

At the time there were no practitioners even remotely close to where I live and no classes being offered either, so I used other Access tools and questions (like the one mentioned in How To Use Dissatisfaction As A Superpower) to see if I can create one. In less than 2 weeks, 3 classes were created in places I could easily drive to.

The class itself was very interesting.

To practice running bars, you have to give two sessions and receive two sessions during the class. Most of the bars stop running on their own after a few minutes and you move to the next one, but mine seemed to be running and running, and both sessions performed on me (by my very caring and enthusiastic classmate) lasted a lot longer.

Another interesting thing was how my classmate and I had way too many blocks and limiting patterns in common (considering we are decades apart in terms of age and we grew up in very different countries). I was told this is very common in Access classes; you often find out that your partner that was randomly chosen doesn’t feel so randomly chosen when you get to know them a little.

Which is very interesting, because when you run someone’s bars during a Bars session, all the limitations you have in common with the person receiving the session are released from the practitioner giving the session as well (so in a way, every time you give a session it’s like receiving a session as well. How’s that for a win-win healing modality? 🙂 )

Overall, I think the Bars is a great healing system and if you’re working on healing from past emotional trauma, struggling with any kind of physical issue or working to raise your havingness level then it’s definitely worth giving it a try.


The Access Bars modality is unique in the sense that you can never know what to expect from a session. They say that the worst that can happen is that you will feel like you just had a massage, and the best that can happen is that your whole life will change.

Each session will be unique, and the same person can have 10 sessions with the same Access Bars practitioner and have a totally different experience every time.

When giving my two sessions, I felt completely exhausted during the sessions and extremely hungry right after. The exhaustion is consistent with my experience of releasing stuff that has been burdening or harming me or the person I’m trying to help (see my post on Removing the Evil Eye for example; I experience the same level of yawning and exhaustion shortly after that, and this is a very common experience among people).

In terms of tangible results, my experience was somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I didn’t experience my whole life changing drastically after the sessions, but at the same time I experienced more than just a relaxing massage. Towards the end of the class I started having flu-like symptoms (which is consistent with big energy shifts in my body). I was sick for 3 days afterwards (but not very sick; just enough to have an excuse to stay in bed and get lots of quality sleep, since the nightmares disappeared right after the class).

Addressing the Lies of Bodies Teleseries

Another interesting thing was that for months, I was very resentful towards a person in my life. Immediately after the class (as in when I was driving home from it) I realized I all of a sudden was completely indifferent towards them. I could also suddenly see how many things I was refusing to see about this person for a long time, because I was finding excuses for their behavior. I was able to completely let go of them without any pain and drama, and it has proven to be the best decision for both of us.


If you are interested in learning more about The Bars, book a healing session or become a Bars practitioner yourself, here are a few resources to help you get started:

This post is part of an ongoing series on how to Raise Your Havingness Level. If you want to know what the Havingness Level is, how to find yours, or simply read the series from the beginning, go to Raise Your Havingness Level: Introduction.


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