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recommended resources for witchcraft, magick and sorcery

I am regularly asked for recommendations on different books, courses, training, tools and services when it comes to witchcraft, magic, shadow work, busting blocks etc.

To answer this question, I have put together a list of recommended resources on different topics. The list isn’t by any means complete, and I will keep adding to it periodically as I remember more things I have really benefited from and as I come across new stuff that I find valuable.

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Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you click and make a purchase or sign up for a service or subscription, I may -at no extra cost to you- earn a small commission. Rest assured that everything that is included in this list I have personally bought/used/signed up for myself and found valuable.

Note that if you’re just starting out and you want to see recommendations for beginners, I’ve marked my top three by writing GOOD FOR BEGINNERS before the description. That doesn’t mean that those books are only good for beginners, or that if you’re a beginner you shouldn’t go for something from the rest of the list, if that’s what caught your attention. It just means that some of the other books may be a bit too complicated or not providing enough background for beginners, or just way too focused on one specific topic rather than many different areas one would need information on when starting out with magic.

Pick a category from the list below, and you’ll jump to that part of the page (the photos are links to the book/mp3 etc):

Witchcraft, Magick & Sorcery 

Money & Financial Magick 


Getting UnstuckBusting Blocks, Healing Emotional Wounds 

Magick/Witchcraft/Occult Podcasts

Manifestation/Law of Attraction/Shadow Work Podcasts

Witchcraft, Magick & Sorcery

GOOD FOR BEGINNERS This is the book I wish I had when I was first starting out. It teaches you how to cast magic that works, how to attach a problem from different angles to maximize your chances for success, how to combine magic with your mundane efforts for optimum results, how to use divination not just for readings but to gather intelligence so that you know what spells to use for any given situation, how to remove curses, cleanse and protect yourself, how to influence the minds of other people, even how effectively cast magic on behalf of other people. It also discusses how to figure out if what you’re doing is working, and how to fix it if it’s not.

Part One explains the different levels of reality and how each one ties into a magic spell, discusses how one can open their spirit sight and provides a simple daily practice that can boost results in the long term. Part Two is split into chapters for different magical goals (like protection, love and lust, money and finances etc). Each chapter provides spells, rituals and methods from many different systems and traditions, and at the end of the book there is a list of recommended resources too, for anyone wanting to delve deeper into a specific area of magic.
Even though this is my no 1 recommendation for beginners it is also very valuable for advanced practitioners too.

GOOD FOR BEGINNERS This is also a book I usually recommend for beginners. If you’re interested in chaos magic, this is THE book for you.

Even if you aren’t into chaos magic that much though it is still really worth it. The breathing exercises in the beginning are extremely useful, and it breaks down energy work and servitor creation step-by-step in a very detailed way.

It is very thorough, covering pretty much everything, including sigils, servitor creation, spirit evocation, possession, cleansing, shielding, banishing (this one is a particularly fun chapter!), creating tools, working with herbs, making charms, mojo bags & more.

My top favorite book on hoodoo herbalism.

It presents information for 500 herbs, minerals, roots and zoological curios, plus 750 traditional hoodoo spells, tricks and magical recipes.

If you are interested in hoodoo and folk magick, this is a must-have.

GOOD FOR BEGINNERS This one is a classic. If you’re interested in Witchcraft (as opposed to New Age or Wicca), then this is the book for you. It will walk you through the basics of casting a circle, blessing and banishing, the use of talismans, knot magic etc, and even more controversial stuff that most authors avoid, like necromancy and vengeance.

This one is also a classic. A very thorough and complete magickal and psychic training program.

One of my favorite books. The first part is a number of essays on different topics, including consciousness science and the return of Animism. Gives a lot of food for thought.

The second part is a collection of spells and methods for a wide array of things, like remote viewing, summoning dragon spirits, banishing ghosts, calling the Sybils, an ancient Roman method of hexing & a lot more.

Offerings are a big part of my magickal practice, and this is the most thorough collection of essays from many different well-known authors on the topic. Highly recommended.

If you like hermetic magic and want to learn how to evoke spirits (in this case the planetary angels, but the method can be adapted for other kinds of spirits too) then this is a great book.

The book is a complete system of planetary initiation and a guide to gain power and control over your life so that you can be happy, attain your goals and prosper.

If you are intrigued by the medieval grimoires and want to delve into their magick but you find them too complicated and aren’t even sure how to start, then this book is for you. Very thorough, with a lot of historical background and practical advice to get you started.

This isn’t a traditional book on magic. Written by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, this a book that can help you start changing your reality right away -whether you are a novice or an experienced magician- without the use of any physical materials or tools. It has helped me a lot with overcoming stage fright as a musician, and most of the methods have worked really well for me (I found the method of getting your products to attract the right people and sell themselves really interesting and effective!).

Money & Financial Magick

A great book by Jason Miller, combining practical advice on getting out of debt & managing your finances with practical magick & sorcery. This is not a book with money spells to find a few bucks on the street. This is a system to build lasting wealth. Featuring a series of channeled sigils of Jupiter that can be used in many different ways to obtain specific goals as well as a wealth of spells and rituals, this is a book I very highly recommend.

A book on understanding and navigating the new economic reality. Rather than being just another book on money magic, this book provides instructions for gaining practical experience of how you are more than your physical body, increasing your power, working with saints, the dead and liminal deities and spirits, this books aims to help you not only survive but thrive in these trying and chaotic (financially) times and actually use that same chaos to our advantage! If you’re looking for a book on finances and magic that is radically different, this is the book for you!

Another radically different book on finances and getting out of debt. It will probably not make sense to you at first, as it goes against every piece of advice you were probably given up until now. But give it a try, and will be surprised! I am not in debt but the concepts and suggestions still helped me (and still help me) increase my income.


If you want to delve into magic, it is very important to know how to protect and defend yourself. This is exactly what this book teaches you how to do.

Going beyond 101, this book will teach you to set up early warning systems to know when you’re under attack and deal with it before it gets serious, appease angry spirits, banish, construct protective charms & amulets, make decoys that will absorb the attacks meant for you, summon spirits to help you, bind your enemies & even fight back, confuse and stop enemies.

The book focuses a lot on the goddess Hecate, so if you work with her regularly, this is an added bonus.

This contains a number of spells of protection and defence that require no tools to be cast. I haven’t worked thoroughly with it, but I personally found the Master Protection Ritual highly effective and the results were immediate, with a specific area of my life getting unblocked within less than an hour since I did the ritual for the first time.

I also really liked the Sword Banishing. It’s very easy to do, it doesn’t have a lot of things you need to memorize, you can do it anywhere (even while lying in bed) and it has proven really effective for me.

Getting Unstuck, Busting Blocks, Healing Emotional Wounds

This is one of THE BEST and most thorough books I’ve come across on the topic of people-pleasing, always putting others first, being unable to say no, not being assertive enough etc. The author speaks from personal experience and he really figured out how to get over these issues in his life and how to teach others to do the same. If you feel that people keep taking advantage of you, if you’re tired of being so nice to everyone, only to be treated like crap, if you keep getting passed over or ignored at your job, in dating or in any other area of your life, then you owe it to yourself to check out this book. Just click on the book cover to head over to Amazon and read the free preview. If that hits a chord then do yourself a favour and buy this book. You’ll thank me later.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has many different techniques that can be used to change our internal dialogue, lessen the emotional impact of traumatic events, overcome fears & phobias and more.

There are many really great books on NLP, but if you are a complete beginner in NLP the sheer volume of books that have been published on the topic can be overwhelming. In addition to that, many of the books are very complicated, containing a ton of terms you may have never heard before.

Steve Brown’s NLP Crash Course is the perfect solution to that. It’s a small guide that explains what NLP is and provides immediately practical applications with a ton of humor.

It is part of a series of kindle books by the same author, and I highly recommend the whole series (if you want to read only the titles immediately useful for emotional healing, overcoming blocks etc and not the ones dealing in conversational hypnosis and manipulation, then I recommend the “NLP Crash Course” and the “State of Power” books from the series).

A book I have recommended many times in different posts in my Raise Your Havingness Level series, this book can truly unblock you and get you unstuck like nothing else!

If I had to make a list of the books that changed my life the most, this one would be in the top three choices. It can shift things you were never able to shift before and it will heal inner wounds you thought cannot be healed.

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering what’s wrong with you and you can’t do something when everybody else can, can’t succeed when everybody else seems to be able to, can’t get (you name it: a good job, a girlfriend/boyfriend you’re happy with etc), then this book is for you. It can truly change everything and give you back your power.

Another book that’s on the top three books that changed my life the most. This is another Access Consciousness book. If you want to find out what the main tools of Access Consciousness are, or if you already know some of them but aren’t sure exactly how to apply them to your own life to create change, then this is the book for you. Very highly recommended.

This is a great book that I discovered a while after writing the post “The Quest: Re-enchant Your Life”. It is very similar in conception, plus the author has a free forum you can join to create your superhero persona, set up quests for yourself and share them with others. If my post inspired you then I am certain you will love the book!



The Runesoup Podcast

My favorite podcast on magick. A different guest every week, all very interesting people with very interesting things to say that will help you expand your understanding and your approach to magick in ways you probably never considered before. It’s really worth it. Dig into the archives and you’ll certainly find something that is of immediate interest to you.

The Higherside Chats

Covering a range of topics from magick & the occult to past lives, aliens and conspiracy theories, this is is a podcast that has had many very interesting guests in the past. Each episode is usually around two hours, with the first hour being free to listen to, while the second is available to subscribers only. You can check out the extensive archives and listen to past episodes (the first hour) for free before deciding if the (pretty inexpensive) subscription is worth it for you.

Mind and Magick

A nice Youtube channel with a long list of short lessons on magick. The approach is quite different to mine, but I believe it’s a good channel, especially for beginners.

Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour

A great show about hoodoo and rootwork. Listen online or call in live for a chance to get a live reading and consultation on your particular situation. This is another podcast with a large list of past episodes, so browse to find the shows on the topics that interest you the most.

The Tommie Kelly Podcast

Tommie Kelly is the creator of one of my favorite decks, the Forty Servants Deck. This deck that isn’t your average divination deck but where actually each card is a full servitor you can directly work with for different magical results (there is even a full Grimoire Of The Forty Servants now, that covers how to use the deck for divination as well as how to work with each of the servitors).  Tommie Kelly’s work is very interesting and both his deck and his podcast are worth checking out.

Weird Web Radio

Another one of my favorite podcasts. Hosted by Lonnie Scott, this podcast features different occult authors & magical practitioners and covers topics such as practical enchantment, shamanism, psychic abilities, paranormal investigation etc.

Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

Yet another really awesome podcast, with archives going back several years. I really recommend digging into them because you can find real gems there in terms of magical techniques & different approaches you may not have thought of before.


The Unseen Seraph Youtube Channel

In addition to the blog, I also have a Youtube channel where I teach people how to manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams based on methods such as Transurfing and Neville Goddard’s teachings. The content is usually different from the posts on my website, so if you are interested to learn about manifestation and the law of attraction then you should definitely check it out and subscribe so you won’t miss any new videos!

Access Consciousness On Voice America

This is one of the few shows I regularly listen to. It is great because you get to clear your own limitations as you’re listening, together with the callers. It’s completely free to listen to, and it has a large archive of past episodes you can listen to and download, so check it out!

Beyond Abuse, Beyond Therapy, Beyond Anything On Voice America

Another amazing show to get you unstuck fast, by Dr Lisa Cooney. This show also has a large archive of past episodes you can listen to and download for free.

Dr Dain Heer’s Youtube Channel

A great Youtube channel with tons of videos to help get you unstuck.

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