Sigils: How To Use Small Symbols To Create Big Magic

Sigils: How To Use Small Symbols To Create Big Magic

Today I’m going to talk about one very handy piece of tech: sigils.

Sigils are most people’s first introduction to chaos magic, and for many people, sigils were their introduction to all magic, and rightfully so.

It is extremely easy to learn how to construct and activate a sigil, you don’t need any obscure and hard to find materials to make one and they are only limited by your imagination.

So let’s dive right in!

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A sigil is a magical symbol you create that changes reality in accordance with your statement of intent.

Or in plain English: a sigil is a squiggle or drawing encoded with your desire. Once you launch it, it turns from a plain old squiggle into a magical symbol that will bring your desire to you.


Sigil magic doesn’t require any expensive materials, special oils, powders, herbs, incense, gemstones or anything else.

All you need is a pen and a piece of paper.

That makes sigil magic a perfect solution for anyone who is just starting out and doesn’t have any of the special oils, herbs and other materials normally used in magic (or for people who just plain can’t afford to buy any of that stuff right now but still want to start practicing magic).

In addition to that, since sigil magic is just squiggles on paper, you can make a sigil anywhere, even with other people around, and no one will know you’re doing magic unless you tell them.

Finally, you can create a sigil in just a few minutes, which makes sigil magic a really fast method too.


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That’s a good question. Some people swear by sigils and they are the no 1 magical weapon in their arsenal. Others have had sigils that worked and sigils that didn’t. Others say that sigils always work but not always in the way you expect them to. So you may not always connect the result to the sigil, in which case you will think it failed.

As with any kind of magic, whether something works or not and how well it works is determined by many factors. If you make a sigil for something that has an extremely low probability of happening then it’s extremely unlikely it will come true. That isn’t a matter of whether sigils work or not though; it is a matter of knowing what targets to pick and how to phrase your statement of intent.

In my experience sigils do work, although for me personally, they work more slowly than other types of magic so I tend to gravitate towards other techniques. Many people have experienced exactly the opposite though, so give them and try and see how they work for yourself!


First, decide on your target. This should be something that isn’t extremely unlikely to happen but isn’t guaranteed to happen either (cause what use would that sigil be anyway?).

Write down your statement of intent. Phrase it in the present tense and in a positive manner instead of negative. “I am relaxed” for example rather than “I don’t have panic attacks anymore”.

Remove all the repeating letters and vowels from your statement of intent.

Take remaining letters and combine them into a symbol. Don’t overthink it; it doesn’t have to look like a masterpiece to work. It isn’t your artistic ability that makes sigils work.

Keep refining your symbol until it is pleasing to you, or feels “ready”.

When you feel it’s ready, copy your sigil on a blank piece of paper or a blank card.


Activation is the process of making your sigil magical and launching it out into the work to bring you the desired result.

There are many ways to activate a sigil.

One of the most common is to activate it by staring at it while experiencing an intense emotion. Any emotion will do really: fear, deep love, extreme love, anger etc. Many people choose to activate their sigils by staring at the during orgasm.

Another method -which is the one I personally prefer- is to gaze at them for a few minutes with a slightly unfocused gaze, like the one used for seeing auras or the way you look at stereograms. After a while, your symbol will start looking like a three-dimensional object instead of just a flat squiggle on a piece of paper.


Most people suggest destroying the sigil immediately after activation so that you can consciously forget about it and allow your subconscious to work its magic and bring your desired result.

I personally never had any success that way and I follow Gordon White’s recommendation to not destroy the sigil but put it somewhere where I can see it multiple times a day but in the background while busy with other activities, so that I won’t obsess over it but it will still be perceived by my subconscious (such a place would be my notice board, bathroom mirror etc).


Again -like with all magic- this question is hard to answer.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve found that for me, sigils take longer to work than other types of magic. Other people, however, report that sigils are the fastest-acting method they know. I personally consider anything that takes longer than three months to manifest not good enough, but even then it largely depends on your target. If you’re making a sigil to influence a future event that’s going to happen three months from now for example, you’re gonna have to wait three months to see if it worked.

The only way to answer the question really is to make multiple sigils for different targets over a period of time and see how sigils work for you.



The short answer is anything you want.

There are however some things to keep in mind that will up the chances of your sigil actually producing the desired result:

First of all, sigils work by manipulating probabilities. So pick a target that is relatively probable to happen (not something that has less than 1% chance of happening, like winning the lottery for example). At the same time, don’t go for something that is very probable already. A sigil to influence the chance of something happening that is already, say, 90% won’t take it up to 100%. It will have very little effect (it may take it from 90% to 91% for example) and it’s just a waste of your time and energy.

Choose targets that are in the “this is not extremely likely to happen, but there’s no reason why it couldn’t either” range.

In addition to that, don’t pick very large goals with many moving parts as your statement of intent.

“I live on my own private island where I have a huge mansion and private jet” isn’t a good statement of intent to make a sigil for. If you have a large goal, think of all the different aspects of it you could influence individually and do exactly that. Construct a sigil for each aspect.

Say for example you are looking for a job and have no idea where to even start.

You can make one sigil to bring news of the right positions to you so that you can apply, a different sigil to make you appear charming during the interviews etc. Don’t just make a sigil to become the CEO of a company when you’re completely unqualified for such a position.


That’s it!

You now know how to make sigils & the basics of sigil magic.

So why don’t you make your first sigil right now?

If you want to learn more about sigils I recommend the guide in the book “The Chaos Protocols” by Gordon White (click the image below to check it out):

Or you can read his ultimate sigil magic guide online instead.

Have you used sigils before? Did they manifest the way you wanted or did they manifest in a weird and unexpected way? Leave a comment and let me know!

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