8 Simple Banishing Methods For Beginner Witches

8 Simple Banishing Methods For Beginner Witches

Banishing is one of the core skills that all witches, sorcerers and people who do magick of any kind are required to develop early on in their journey.

Many common banishing methods and banishing spells, however, may seem too complicated to a beginner, resulting in a lack of confidence in their ability to banish as well as a general uncertainty regarding what each method is meant to actually accomplish and how to pick the right one for any given situation.

In this post, I’m going to present to you 8 different methods of banishing and explain what each method is best used for.

These methods are simple to practice, easy to use and great for beginners.

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Banishing is the act of driving away or getting rid of someone or something.

In magic, banishing refers to a number of different ritual methods used to rid a person or place of an unwanted or hostile energy, spiritual presence or person.


banishing spell ritual method burning

You will need: 

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • A fireproof dish or bowl, or a fireplace, or a bonfire
  • (optional) herbs and woods good for banishing, banishing oil
  • A lighter or matches

This is a very simple banishing spell. This method isn’t that good when it comes to banishing a spirit or negative energy from a space, but it’s good for banishing specific people from your life as well as bad habits, limiting beliefs, unwanted mental states and issues such as depression, stress etc.

Begin by writing on a piece of paper the person or thing you want to banish. If you have banishing oil, you can dress the paper with it.

Focus on what you want to banish. Bring the person or thing to mind intensely as cleary as you can for a few moments.

Light the paper on fire and drop it into the bowl. As it burns, imagine the person leaving your life. If it is a habit or inner state you are banishing, feel its influence and hold on you dwindle until it is completely gone. Once it burns, you should dispose of the ashes away from your home. You can bury them, throw them into a river or if it’s windy you can release them in the air outside and ask the wind to take that thing away from you for good.

In the case of a bad habit or inner state, you may need to repeat this banishing for a few days or do it once a week for a while until it is completely gone.

You can also do this banishing using a fireplace or bonfire. If you know how to work with fire elementals, you can call them and ask them to banish the person or thing for you. For an extra kick, you can also use woods and herbs associated with banishing and cleansing when building your fire.

However, unless you’re trying to banish a very persistent or dangerous person, habit or inner state, the fireproof bowl version should be good enough for your purposes.


This banishing method is very similar to the Burning Method, but the whole banishing is performed in your mind. It is best used to banish bad habits, persistent negative emotions, depression, anxiety, panic attacks or traumatic memories.

  1. Sit somewhere comfortable and relax.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. In your mind’s eye, see a blazing white fire. This fire burns so hot that it instantly burns anything it touches so fast and so thoroughly that not even the memory of the thing remains.
  4. Bring to mind the thing you want to banish. Focus on it for a few moments.
  5. Imagine that you grab the memory and bring it in front of you in the form of a photograph.
  6. See yourself tearing up and crumbling the photograph.
  7. Throw it in the blazing white fire and see it instantly burn completely.
  8. If what you’re trying to banish is something you’ve spent a lot of energy on (whether worrying about it or trying to push it away etc), you can see tendrils of pure white energy being released from the fire towards you. See this energy going into your body and empowering you. This is the energy and power you gave this negative thing, and it’s now purified and has returned back to you.

Like the Burning Method, you may need to repeat this for a number of days until the thing you’re trying to banish has gone away completely.


This banishing method is better used to banish negative emotions and mental states as well as negative energies that may have attached themselves to your body and energy system. It can also remove minor energy blocks as well as small energy parasites. It is a good method to include in your daily practice and you can easily do it in the shower if you want 🙂

  1. In your mind’s eye, see a waterfall in front of you.
  2. Step under this waterfall. Feel the water on your skin. This water has the perfect temperature and the water falling on you has the perfect pressure to relax your muscles.
  3. Feel the water falling on you, relaxing you more and more, and cleansing you deeply of everything negative or harmful. See all negative and harmful energies wash away in the form of black liquid.
  4. See the waterfall transform from water to a brilliant pure white light.
  5. This liquid white light penetrates your skin and seeps into every part of your body. See it flowing into every organ and every cell, into muscles and bones, cleansing everything negative and harmful; everything that doesn’t belong there. The liquid light enters through your head and flows downwards through your body. As it exits your body, everything negative and harmful rashes out with it and down the drain.For more magical techniques and methods of doing magic only with energy check out my course No-Fluff Energy Manipulation


black candle easy banishing spell ritual

This banishing spell can be used to banish a person, a mental or emotional state or a problematic situation. 

You will need:

  • a black candle
  • banishing oil
  • something to carve the candle with
  • matches
  • a fireproof dish
  1. Carve your intention on the candle using a carving tool (a coffin nail can be used too).
  2. Use the banishing oil to anoint the candle. Anoint with movements going away from you (for example, hold the candle parallel with the table at chest level and anoint it with movements from your chest outwards).
  3. Light the candle while speaking your intention out loud in a commanding tone. For example, if you are banishing a person called George Smith, say in a commanding tone: “Gorge Smith, I banish you from my life! Be gone, never to return again!”
  4. Speak your intention over and over for a few minutes.
  5. Let the candle burn down. If you can’t let it burn in one sitting, after anointing the candle use pins to mark 3 0r 9 equal parts on the candle and burn one part every day, repeating your command and focusing on seeing the person or thing leaving your life, until the candle her burned completely.
  6. When the candle has burned completely, gather the remains and bury them away from your home.


hoodoo hotfoot easy banishing spell curse

This is a more intense, fiercer version of the Candle Banishing Method.

It is specifically geared towards banishing a person, so if you were looking for information on how to banish someone then this is it.

This banishing technique shouldn’t be used when you just want someone to keep their distance from you as it is meant to send someone packing.

When someone is really causing you trouble and you want them to leave even if that means they have to leave the city or even the country, this is the method to use. This method is often used to make an enemy go away as well as in a more malevolent way (as a curse) when you want to be rid of a competitor or someone standing in your way.

For this method, you need Hotfoot Powder. You can either buy this or make it yourself.

If you decide to make it yourself, know that anything that burns or stings is a potential ingredient of hotfoot powder. Include things like black pepper, powdered hot chili peppers of various kinds, black salt, crushed hornets and/or red ants and sulfur.

There are a few variations of the Hotfoot Method. Here are two of the most common ones:

  1. If you have access to the person, you can sprinkle the powder where you know they are going to walk. This is done by sprinkling the powder on the ground while walking backwards so that you won’t step on it yourself. If you want the person to move away (if for example, the target is a neighbor that keeps causing you problems), you should try to sprinkle the powder on their property (in front of their door for example).
  2. If you can’t get the person to walk on it, the next best way is to collect their foot track. After you obtain it, mix it with hotfoot powder and sprinkle the whole thing on a paper where you have written your target’s name 9 times. Make it into a packet or put it in a bottle or small jar and toss it into running water and walk away without looking back.

It’s a good idea to take a cleansing back afterwards.

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smudge smudging banish spirits spell method

This banishing method is most effective when you want to cleanse negative energies off of you, an object or a space, or when you want to remove spiritual presences off a space.

You will need:

  • Incense burner
  • self-lighting coal
  • lighter
  • different kinds of resins and/or herbs, depending on the purpose

When cleansing yourself or an object, light the charcoal and then put the raisins or herbs on it. When they start burning, place the incense burner on the floor and walk through the smoke repeatedly while stating your intention to be cleansed from all negative and hostile energies and spirit attachments.

When cleansing an object, pass the object through the smoke while stating your intention.

When cleansing a space, walk around the space stating your intention and use your hand to direct the smoke so that it goes everywhere. Make sure to give corners as well as the inside of cupboards and wardrobes special attention, as often spirits will hide there.

Before cleansing a space this way call your familiar spirits, protectors etc as well as any friendly and neutral to you spirits present, explain that you are about to cleanse the space, give them a small offering (either a physical one or an energy one) and ask them to leave. This is done because you don’t want to violently kick out your protectors and friendly neighborhood spirits! The purpose of a space clearing is to remove unwanted or negative energies and hostile spiritual presences, not the ones that protect you and support you. So give your protectors and the friendly spirits that may happen to be there with you fair warning so that they can willingly depart for a while. After you’ve finished cleansing the area, call them back again.

When it comes to the incense or herbs used, that depends on what you are trying to banish as well as how severe or persistent it is.

A common option is sage, palo santo, sandalwood and frankincense. You can use just one of those or as many as you want, in any combination. This usually takes care of things in most cases. You can also use a banishing incense blend, especially if you are trying to banish a spiritual presence.

For more severe cases, dragon blood can be used. Dragon blood raisin usually wipes away all energies, however; not only the negative ones! It will most likely remove any positive spells you may have cast on the space and force out friendly spirits too (other incense mixes may not have any effect on friendly spirits). So if you use it, make sure afterward to re-cast any protective spells, blessings etc you had in place.

For extreme cases where you are troubled by a spiritual presence that just won’t go away no matter how many times you have tried to banish it with other methods, you can use asafoetida. This should drive out even anything that was able to resist other methods. Be warned however that asafoetida has a really nasty scent when burned and it tends to linger in the space, so don’t use it unless you really need it because you aren’t going to have a fun time afterwards staying in that space until the stink goes away.


This banishing method is used to push out negative energies and spirits and establish protective boundaries around yourself. Those boundaries can extend a few feet around your body or they may be set around the whole room or your whole house if you want. This is a great method to use before creating a shield or establishing wards around your property.

  1. Begin by using white light or the Waterfall Method to cleanse yourself of any negative energies.
  2. In your mind’s eye, see the whole room filled with brilliant white light.
  3. Start breathing in that light and see it form a white sphere in your chest. You can use your fist to apply pressure where the sphere is, to help you perceive it better.
  4. Keep breathing in the white light and seeing it go into the sphere. The sphere stays the same side, but with each breath of white light you add to it, it becomes denser and denser.
  5. Pick a very happy memory and focus on it in your mind.
  6. Keep breathing white light into the sphere, and see the happy feelings from your memory going into the sphere too, until you have a dense sphere of brilliant white light and bliss.
  7. When you feel your sphere is powerful enough, throw out your hands to release it and see it expanding out to form a big sphere with you at the center. As the sphere expands, it pushes out anything you don’t want there (spirits, energies etc). See the sphere expanding until it reaches the boundaries you want to set.


This banishing method is used to forcefully expel or destroy anything unwanted in a room or area. If you do a lot of energy work and know how to accumulate a lot of energy then this method can extremely effective.

Picture a star made of brilliant white light right at the center of the room or place you want to clear. Start feeding this star energy. If you know how to connect it to an energy source like the sun (if you’re in my course then you know how to do this!) then do that as well. Keep feeding it more and more energy for at last 15-20 minutes or for as long as you can. When you feel it’s bursting with power, stop feeding it energy and see it explode violently like a supernova, obliterating anything in its path.

Remember to ask your protective spirits, familiars and friendly/neutral spirits that live in the area and may happen to be there to depart before you use this method.

There is one more thing you can do AFTER you banish to ensure your is successful and lasts for a long time.

To find out what that one thing is, check out my post The One Thing That Can Turbocharge Your Banishing.

Do you have a favorite method of banishing? Let me know in the comments!

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