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Note: This is part I of the series about magickal links. Click here if you want to go to Part II

The topic of this month’s Blog Hop is one I consider very important for the success of most spells and workings: ritual links. Many people spend a lot of time looking for the right spell that will accomplish what they want. They buy the best, most expensive materials or spend a lot of time and effort to make their own materials, carefully taking into consideration things like moon phases, planetary positions etc. Yet they fail to do the most important thing for the success of their working: actually link their magic to the target!

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MAGICAL LINKS: WHAT ARE THEY?Hairs are good personal concerns

Magical links are either links from the target that you bring into the spell, or links from the spell that you bring to the target.

This post is going to focus on the first category: links from the target that you bring into the spell.

The closest the link is to the person’s body, the stronger it is. The strongest links are things that used to be an actual part of the person’s body. The next best thing is something that the person has had contact with (the more intimate the contact, the better).

  • use a toothbrush in a spell Bodily fluids: blood, semen, vaginal secretions, saliva
  • Things that used to be part of the body: hair, nail clippings, teeth, shed skin etc
  • Bodily Waste: urine, feces
  • Soiled underwear, socks or clothes
  • Shoes
  • Item the person has used (cigarette butt, straw, toothpick, towel, pen or other object they handled etc)
  • Washed underwear, socks or clothes
  • Foot track
  • Signaturepersonal concerns: cigarette butt in a spell
  • Writing Sample
  • Photograph
  • Business card
  • Name



When trying to determine what the best kind of personal concern is to establish a link to the person, the rule of thumb is: use the most personal link you can get, and the one most appropriate for the kind of working you have in mind.

If you aren’t sure, think what part of their body you’re trying to affect (literally or metaphorically) with your magic.

Semen, menstrual blood and vaginal secretions for example would be both very strong links and very appropriate for a sexual working of any kind.

When trying to influence your boss to get a promotion, hair from his head would be a good choice.

Feces would be best reserved for cursing.

A shoe (or a piece of it) would be appropriate to draw someone back to you or to a place.

If you want someone to stop spreading rumors about you, using their saliva or something that has touched their mouth (eg. napkin) would be a good link.

Always keep your end goal in mind when choosing what link to use. Semen may be way more personal than a signature for example, but unless you want to sleep with your boss in order to get that promotion, it’s probably best to go with the signature, business card and a hair.

Not all magic is meant to affect or influence a person though.

Some spells are meant to influence a physical place; an office or home for example.

In this case, the link needs to be something from the place.

Dirt is the most common (and probably the most easily obtained) but it can be any object that is part of the place really. If you need that kind of link and you can’t for whatever reason collect dirt from the place, try to find something to take with you that won’t land you in jail if you get caught removing it.

HOW TO COLLECT PERSONAL CONCERNSHow to collect someone's foot track for use in hoodoo and magick

A problem many people face is that they have no idea how to go about obtaining something that could be used as a link to the target. In reality, there are many ways to obtain links to your target:

Semen or vaginal secretions are usually difficult to obtain if you don’t have any sexual contact with the target, but this kind of links can sometimes be found in the person’s trash (What? Did you think that “getting your hands dirty” when it comes to magic is only meant metaphorically?)

Hair can be obtained by searching a boss’ or coworker’s chair when they are away. If you have access to the person’s house then excuse yourself and look for their hairbrush or toothbrush in the bathroom. You could probably also find dirty underwear too this way. Note about hair: make sure it’s the target’s hair and that it doesn’t belong to someone else who lives there or to one of their pets. Sometimes the reason that love spell didn’t work is because you were sending all the juice to their Yorkshire Terrier. Just sayin’…

Foot tracks: Get the person to walk with you somewhere where their foot tracks will be visible and where you can return later to collect the foot track. Drop something small (a button or a coin for example) to mark one of their foot tracks so that you can collect the right one when you return.

You can get items that have touched the person’s mouth by inviting them out and simply getting their napkin (or spoon) with you before going home, by offering to throw their empty plastic coffee cup in the trash for them (or to take their coffee cup to the sink so that they won’t have to leave their office) etc.

You can get a writing sample by asking someone to write down their number for you. If you do that, also ask them to write their name on the paper, so that you also have their signature. You can usually find an excuse to ask someone to write something for you on the back of their business card (what hours to call them perhaps, an additional number or e-mail address that’s not on the card etc), thus improving the link. If you don’t have one strong link, you can always use more than one weaker links (tissue + signature + name and photo for example) to get a better connection between the spell and the target.

If you really can’t get a good link (because the target lives in another country for example) and all you have is name, a photograph and date of birth (you can usually find those online), then at least try to make a good mental and energetic connection with the person by thinking about them intently, bringing to mind all you know about them: what they look like, what they smell like, their voice, their mannerisms etc.

If they have a facebook or other social media profile (or even a forum account where they are active), have their profile page open on your laptop or tablet and keep it right in front of you while working on the spell, making that a link to them.



Many people think that if they are working directly with spirits to influence someone, they don’t need any links to the target because the spirit will be able to find the target and form the link anyway.

I disagree.

While spirits may be privy to information that you don’t have and while they can come and go as they please in areas where you don’t have access, it’s still not a good idea to just ask them to influence Jack Shepherd so that whatever it is you desire happens and leave it at that.

First of all, there are many people who have the same name, so it would be a good idea to make sure the spirit actually knows who you’re talking about. Spirit you have a close relationship with and those that have known you for a long time will probably know who you are talking about, but it’s still best not to assume they know, but instead, provide all the useful information and links you can.

It doesn’t have to be anything more elaborate than: “This is the target, Jack Shepherd. This is what he looks like, and here is hair from his head.”

If you haven’t been able to obtain a good link and you don’t even have a photo, at least make sure to picture the person vividly in your mind.

If you really want your working to succeed then make sure that you do all you can for it to succeed, and that includes not leaving it up to the spirits to link your working to your target when you can actually provide them with a good link right from the start.

The link will greatly enhance the chances of success, and it also shows to the spirit that you are dedicated and invested in your working and that you aren’t just giving them extra things to do just cause you’re too bored to do them yourself.

This is all for now. Next week, I’m going to talk about links from the spell that you bring to the target. In the meantime, leave a comment to let me know what ways (sneaky or not) you use to get links from your targets.


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Note: This is part I of the series about magickal links. Read Part II: Elements of the Spell That You Bring To The Target

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