Swifting Ritual For The Transformation of Shame

I used to have a serious guilt problem.

For years, I felt really guilty for a number of things I shouldn’t be feeling guilty for. It was my biggest obstacle in manifesting many of the things I wanted. I’d throw tons of magic to shift specific situations and nothing would change, because deep down I felt guilty for wanting specific things. I’m not talking superficial guilt here; I was deeply, honestly, 100% seeing myself as guilty and nothing anyone could say or do could change that. It got so bad that (after different attempts from spirits to shift me out of this state) I had an archangel manifest (the shit-your-pants terrifying manifestation, colossal in size, covered in eyes etc etc) just to give me the message that God (at least his god) doesn’t judge me, I’m the one judging myself so harshly.

Anyway, after trying and failing to find a way to successfully deal with this deep-rooted guilt, I finally managed to address it and start removing layers of it (Wolf & Goat’s Oil Of The Washed Hand proved really helpful in this process).

So I was finally free to go after my goals now that the guilt was gone, right?

Wrong! Enter shame.

I used to think that guilt and shame are very similar. It turns out that they are different things, and even when the guilt is removed that doesn’t mean the shame will always be removed instantly too. Guilt has to do with feeling that you have done something wrong. Shame on the other hand includes all the feelings of humiliation and distress that remain, even when you remove the original feeling of guilt. So I had to find a different way to address the lingering sense of shame too and remove it.


A swifting ritual is a ritual where you take negative energy of any kind and change it into neutral at first, and then into positive energy. You then use the cleansed, positive energy to support a goal you have.

You will need:

  • one black candle
  • one grey or brown candle
  • one white candle
  • a metal cookie sheet (or other flat, non-flammable surface)
  • salt
  • pen and paper

Take the candles and place them on the cookie shit in a row, as shown in the photo. Remember, metal cookie sheet! Mine are on a flammable sheet in the photo because I arranged everything just to take the photo, but you’ll be lighting a paper on fire in the end so it has to be something that won’t catch fire underneath.

Draw a line of salt between the black and the grey/brown candle, and again between the grey/brown and the white candle. Pour salt in the shape of the tip of an arrow extending from the white candle, and make a salt circle around it.

Name your black candle for what it is you want to shift. In this case, it’s shame. You can inscribe the word on the candle if you want. On a piece of paper, write the goal you want to direct the cleansed energy towards. This can be a very specific goal, or it may be something like “healing” or “positive transformation”. Fold the paper and put it on the arrow tip.

Sit in front of the candles, look at the black candle and let yourself be consumed by your shame. This is the time to allow all those annoying mind movies you usually try to suppress to run again and again in your mind. Actually do your best to to feel the shame as intensely as possible. If you know what triggers it, then use all those triggers to trigger a strong reaction of shame and direct it all towards the black candle. When you are ready, light the black candle and continue directing all the shame towards it until there’s nothing left anymore. Until you have exhausted yourself and your feelings of shame completely.

Now light the grey/brown candle. As the black candle burns, the energy follows the line of salt towards the grey/brown candle where it has transformed into a neutral form. It’s not the negative energy of your shame anymore, but it’s not positive either. It’s neutral, and it can be used for any purpose. Focus on this process of transformation for a moment.

Now light the white candle. The neutral energy from the grey/brown candle gathers in the white candle. It has shifted further into positive energy, and is now ready to be directed towards your goal. The energy leaves the white candle and gathers at the arrow tip, where your petition paper has been placed. Take a few moments to contemplate that; to feel the positive shift that will soon start to manifest in your life and inside you.

Let all the candles burn completely. Don’t relight them. When all the candles have finished burning, take the petition paper and burn it on the arrow tip. Then gather all the remnants and bury them somewhere in your property.

Try it and let me know if it helped you!

What other methods do you use to transform shame? Let me know in the comments!




Written by Scarlet