Weekly Dose Of Magic: August 22-28

Weekly Dose of Magic August 22-28

Whether magic and occult-related or just everyday stuff, these are some of the highlights of the week that I wanted to share with you all. So grab a cup of coffee (or whatever your favorite beverage is) and here we go:


First things first: I spent the better part of this week frantically cleaning my apartment. Which means way less internet time. So I don’t have as many interesting things from around the web for you this week as I usually have.

A talking cat approached me in a dream, asking me to adopt her. She said that her current owner couldn’t keep her because her son had developed an allergy. Later that day, a lady I know asked me if I was interested in adopting a cat. I explained to her that -although I love cats- I couldn’t (for many reasons). She proceeded to show me a picture anyway. It looked like the same cat that approached me in my dream, only older.

This was so weird! I’ve been approached by all kinds of beings in my dreams: countless different kinds of spirits, people I know, people I haven’t met yet but will meet soon, dead people I know, dead people I don’t know, people I haven’t met in life who are going to die soon and don’t consciously know it yet but they still want to give me some kind of message etc. You name it, and it probably is among the beings that have made contact with me in a dream. But a cat??? This was a first! Based on my experience with this talking cat:

  1. Cats can be really polite when they want to, albeit pretty pushy.
  2. Cats astral travel too.
  3. Cats are highly intelligent (but I already knew that).
  4. Cats are pretty picky about their owners (but I suspected that was the case already).

This is apparently cat week though. The neighborhood cat that one of my best friends regularly feeds and looks after, just had 5 kitties:

Newborn kittens

Less than a day old kitten

In case you were wondering, this is what a kitten that is only a few hours old looks like up-close.



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Written by Scarlet