Weekly Dose of Magic: August 8-14

I have a confession to make: I hate Sundays. I don’t know if it’s the laziness and quiet that makes me feel that way or if I just love what I do during the week so much, but Sundays feel depressing and empty to me. Like everything was forcefully paused and I can’t wait until there’s movement again.

I recently started making a weekly list of things that bring me joy. Not necessarily big things. It’s mostly little things that cheer me up when I feel tired and miserable, small things I look forward to, like a cup of good coffee, a book that is due to arrive tomorrow, or watching the latest episode of one of my favorite TV shows. I keep this list on my phone, ready to be used whenever I catch myself feeling sad or too stressed out about something.

As I said, I tend to get depressed on Sundays. The weekend though is usually when I catch up with all the podcasts, articles and blog posts I missed during the week. So I decided to extend the joy list idea to my blog and post every Sunday, sharing some of the things that brought me joy this week, as well as what I’ve been reading and listening to.


I got a new coffee maker. Yay!

I got a new haircut.

I got rid of 80% of the stuff I’ve been hoarding my whole life. Most of these things were links to a past version of me I felt trapped in and now that I threw them away, I feel free to move forward. Plus, I found some really cool things I didn’t even know I had (or things I thought I’d lost years ago) and I also found stuff that I don’t need but it’s exactly what some of my friends would love to have.

I met with a friend who I only see a couple times a year because he lives abroad.

I never had much success with sigils, but I’m giving them another chance to see if shoaling will make them effective for me.

I did the Rite of Saint Nicholas from Chaos Protocols yesterday for the first time.

Tommie Kelly is making a magick oracle deck.

Hadean Press announced the release of a new pamphlet on Cyprianic Cartomancy that I’m very excited about.


Talking Food and the Spirit World with Joshua Cutchin
Talking Agrippa with Eric Purdue
Talking the Devil and the Saints with Jose Leitao
Gordon White on Always Record
An Interview with Cat Vincent
An Interview with Taylor Ellwood
An Interview with Jason Miller
Magick, Tibet and Meditation with Jason Miller
Chilling Mountaintop Find May Confirm Dark Greek Legend
In Defense of Villainesses
Mysterious Magic Spells Unearthed by Archaeologists in Serbia
Das Glarofon, an Impressive Percussion Instrument Made from Glass Tubes of Varying Sizes
What Experts Wish You Knew About False Memories
I Gave Up On My Dreams & It’s the Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
The Most Terrifying Church In The World

What brought you joy this week? What cool things have you been reading or listening to? Leave a comment below to let me know!

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Written by Scarlet