What If You Have Superpowers You Don’t Know About?

do you have superpowers you don't know about?

So a while ago I had a very interesting dream (bear with me; this is going to become very relevant to you very soon).

In the dream, I lived in a world identical to this one. Only some people (but not all) were born with superpowers.

There were major superpowers and minor superpowers.

Major superpowers would be something like flying, teleporting, being indestructible, throwing fireballs etc.

Minor superpowers would be stuff like making feathers levitate or slightly changing the color of your hair.

Under 10% of people were born with a big superpower, and it was extremely rare for any of them to be born with more than one.


I had been born with 3 of the major superpowers and 7-8 minor ones.

My major superpowers were teleportation (I could teleport anywhere, even to other realms), super-speed and telekinesis.

my magical superpowers


In the dream though, I kept taking three buses to access a portal to a specific realm in order to meet some people that also visited that place from another country on earth. Even though I could teleport there directly. Even though I could -if for some insane reason I wanted to go there through the portal and not directly- use my superspeed -(or even my car!) – to get to the portal instead of taking three different buses packed full of people.


There was more to this dream than that, but the rest is relevant to me only.


It got me thinking though:


What superpowers do I have that I am not using?

What talents do I have that I am not taking advantage of?

What have I created that I never took credit for, never acknowledged, never allowed myself to feel proud of?

 Like the portal I went to so much trouble to use when I could just teleport wherever I wanted instead, what gift or creation do I naturally have in my disposal or have created that I refuse to take advantage of?


Every year we write our New Year resolutions. And every year (around this time of the year, in fact) most of us have failed. Or given up on them. Or completely forgotten all about them.

So why not do something completely different instead?


go up never stop


I invite you to make a brand-new list. A very different list.

What did you create so far in 2018 that barely even registered as a success?

Like my superhero self in the dream, what gifts do you have that you take for granted, to the point that you don’t even realize they are gifts that not everybody possesses?

Are you a great cook but think it’s nothing special and that anyone can cook?

Are you great at organizing things but never saw it as a talent?

Do you make paintings/write music/play an instrument etc but -just because you’re not a professional- don’t consider this a gift you have but see it merely as a hobby to pass the time?

Do cats come when you call? (I swear this is precious and a very very rare superpower! I wish I had that one! Cats completely ignore my ass most of the time.)


Are you suffering from anxiety and panic attacks? Do you feel as if part of your power was lost or stolen? Having trouble dealing with pushy people? I got you covered!
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Make a list of at least 10 things you created so far in 2018 that you never -until now- took the time to acknowledge as creations, as successes, as a manifestation of your unique gifts and talents.

Instead of making the rest of 2018 yet another year of judgment of ourselves for all the resolutions we failed to keep (gym membership since January that you only used a couple of times, anyone?), let’s live the summer and the rest of this year from a place of acknowledgment of our greatness and of all the things we DID create.

Even if they weren’t in your resolutions.

Even if you think they weren’t so special.

ESPECIALLY  if up until now you thought they aren’t so special.

May it be your best summer (and year!) yet, and may you make magic happen 🙂

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do you have magical superpowers you don't know about?


Written by Scarlet