Collecting Dirt: Sacrificing A Beanie in St Stephen’s Basilica

Some of you may have noticed my absence (and the lack of new posts since the beginning of the year). I was away on a trip across Europe, which -apart from being great fun- gave me the opportunity to collect dirt from a few interesting places. Which was no small feat, considering the temperatures were very low and the ground was frozen.Continue Reading

Let It Burn

2016 has been a difficult year for many of us and in many ways. The main pattern I have observed (both in my own life and in the lives of other people) is the removal of things that needed to go – whether you wanted to let go of them or not. Most of the things that were stripped away from my life were things that I knew needed to go, even though letting go of some of them was still difficult. Others weren’t so lucky, and spent a year experiencing shocking loss after shocking loss, not knowing if it’s a streak of impossibly bad luck or if it’s for the best. Continue Reading

Christmas Drinkable Potion: Magical Glühwein

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s the time of the year when I get to make one of my favorite alcoholic beverages: Glühwein!

Glühwein (literally “glow wine” ) is mulled wine traditionally served in Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria. It is named like that because when you drink it, it gives you a nice “glow” (that’s one theory at least). Since it contains a number of ingredients commonly used in magic, it makes an excellent drinkable potion to bring luck, love and money to you and your loved ones, essentially giving everyone a magical “glow” too. Continue Reading

Where Has Scarlet Been?

Apologies for the long absence everyone; I was too busy studying for an exam and then I got the flu (the kind of flu you get right when you can finally allow yourself to relax a little bit). Then I got a minor hand injury so typing wasn’t a very pleasant experience for a few weeks. Now I’m fine though *says with a tissue in hand, because she has a cold again*

Don’t hit unsubscribe just yet though; I’m still here 🙂Continue Reading

Swifting Ritual For The Transformation of Shame

I used to have a serious guilt problem.

For years, I felt really guilty for a number of things I shouldn’t be feeling guilty for. It was my biggest obstacle in manifesting many of the things I wanted. I’d throw tons of magic to shift specific situations and nothing would change, because deep down I felt guilty for wanting specific things. I’m not talking superficial guilt here; I was deeply, honestly, 100% seeing myself as guilty and nothing anyone could say or do could change that. It got so bad that (after different attempts from spirits to shift me out of this state) I had an archangel manifest (the shit-your-pants terrifying manifestation, colossal in size, covered in eyes etc etc) just to give me the message that God (at least his god) doesn’t judge me, I’m the one judging myself so harshly.Continue Reading

Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop: Spirits And Magic Of Place

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There is a new blog hop organized this month by members of the Strategic Sorcery community. Clicking the links above will take you to the previous or next post of this blog hop. You can see the list of all blogs that participate by clicking the master list link above.

This month’s blog hop is on spirits and magic of place. But what is magic of place?Continue Reading